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  1. I was hoping for alittle help here.

    I starting to grow for the first time. I have a metal halite (2*2, 400 watt) and a craw space that is around 3.5 feet tall.
    One issue is the crawl space is a little cold (40-50 degr)and maybe to small. I can direct a big hose from a heater vent to the grow box I guess.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. I would advise a larger grow area.... for one, how will you work down there? its going to get tiresom having to crawl down there to check on your plants... two, the light is going to take up some space, and when you figure you have to keep the light a certian distance from your plant at all times (around a foot, if not more) this will not leave much if any room for your plant(s) to grow, scrog is always an option, but it all boils down to how much time you wanna spend on your stomach setting up.

    the light will most likely keep a plant warm in those conditions, because as mentioned, it can only be so far away from the tops with such specs. (3.5 foot high ceiling.)

    id really try and retro a closet.

    or is there such issuses as parents?

    take care.
    write back when possible.
  3. Im responding in the thread because it wouldnt let me reply to your messege!, how crazy is that!


    read my responses in local bust for what ithink about upstanding citizens... lol. in this case, being one will help with your paranoia, although i do not agree with anyone who supports our government, i will try and help in this area as much as i can...besides, how are you an upholding citizen while growing an "illegal" substance? lol.

    I have said much on the subject of satelites, not particularly infrared, but just as equally important. you can find these scattered about, just do a search for patriot act on this forum, and most likely ill have my comments on there.

    basically, all they have to do is flip a switch and log how many growers there are, do whatever it is they do to mark your names down, and then one day they pull you over for a busted tail light and find the lingering scent of a joint hanging in the air (even though there never was one...prove it) they decide (since the passing of the new terror legislation) that since they can, they will do a complete search and seizure of "your" house, when they stumble upon a 'heat spot' and...oh what do we have here? next thing you know and for the next year an a half, you have to show up for routine piss and breath tests. not to mention that they now log any and all of your email transmissions and phone conversations (as the act allows without approval)... but aside from all that, I think youll be alright.

    now that ive taken away any fear you may have once had, I wouldnt worry about helicopters too much... just dont grow a hundred plants and youll be alright.

    scrog is short for "screen of green". a method which involves training usually a topped plant under a screen and allowing only the axials (bud branches) to grow above the screen and toward the light, so that when forced, only buds will be present above the screen.. this is convienient for small spaces but requires suspension of the screen so that it does not move with the pressure of the plant pushing up on it.

    normal "day" temps are 75f to 80f. (this can get comlicating...just stick with these figures and dont pay attention to co2 enrichments yet, when you do you will find that plants can give imporoved growth with temps high up into the 90's with use of co2...another story) and general rule of thumb is that "night" temps should be 10f degrees lower than day temps. not exactly critical. as long as your grow space temp doesnt drop below 60f degrees at night, they should be fine. if however they do, you will need to incorporate some source of heat, heat lamps can be used...make sure they are not too close to your plants, burning them is not desireable. and i suppose this tube you speak of could work, where is the heat coming from again?

    how will you hide a heat tube (which has got to be somewhere in the couple inches range?) running into your bastement (from where) from floating eyes?

    other than this? any more questions will be given a look at.

    take care.

    and hey, the comments above werent meant to scare you, i was just having a little fun trying to add some humor, however dry it may be. it is a reality though that these things can and may very well soon be implicated... sad times but just reality, until people start to realize they can change it merely by thinking of a change, were headed for disaster.

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