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  1. So I'm in a high school shop class in Alternative Education. In AltEd we spend half the day doing wood shop. We now have that whole time for the next couple of weeks to make projects for myself. I have virtually no limit and can use whatever tools/saw I want. I can't weld or blow glass. Any ideas for what I should make? I am working on a stash box right now. It is shaped like a coffin and will be mirrored on the inside, so I can scrape resin and crap like that. Any other ideas?

    P.S. I'm 18 :)
  2. by the way It wont let me say the word *** does anyone know why?

    thats A L T
  3. you should make something that looks completely normal but also doubles as a stash place, like a clock that opens up and you could put your bud in there!!

    it would be super badass i do that kinda stuff in ceramics, awesome for hiding your stuff no one will ever expect it haha

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  5. Isnt that a place for bad kids?

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