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  1. So, I was looking for any relevant advice on getting laid. I'm a guy and almost 21 and I still haven't had sex. I'm able to talk to girls and I'm not unattractive but things never work out. A lot of times I can't seem to start a decent conversation with most girls. Any insights? I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong.
  2. 5 dollar hookers my friend
  3. Be agressive. If you actually make it clear you wanna fuck they wont think your in the friend zone

  4. It was a joke calm down
  5. If you're just looking to get laid and not a relationship I just think you need to go into the right atmosphere.
    Preferably an occasion that involves alcohol
    If you're looking for an actual relationship, that is going to be more difficult my stoney friend
  6. Your probably thinking too much. There's always something going on you can talk about. Usually it's funny too. You just have to look at things the right way. Your also being pretty vague.
  7. well, it's hard to be specific when you don't know what the relevant details are. If I knew what was relevant to what was going on then I wouldn't be asking for advice.

    I don't just want to get laid. But, I honestly don't understand why when I just say "fuck it" to myself and go up and talk to someone I still get blank expressions. Maybe I'm just bad at recognizing what girls to go after?

    I'm not even sure it makes sense to say there is something specific going wrong. Maybe the word "wrong" is wrong. Or maybe logical reasoning is insufficient for explanation a la women.

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