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  1. Alright so my room is at the end of my house and my parents room
    is at the other. and when I smoke you can smell it through the whole
    house and I open the window and turn on the van and seal the door
    with towel but is any of this actually doing anything?
  2. Damp towel would be better. :smoking:
    Burn incense.
  3. If you also got a/c going on in your room, then the smoke in your room is just circulating around the house. To fix this, put a peice of paper over the floor vent/ ceiling vent or what ever is sucking air out of the room.
  4. Dude just get your ass outside.
  5. yes it will

    point the fan so the air blows out

    or u can just smoke outside
  6. Open your window, burn some incense and get the fan goin.
    We do it all the time at my friends house and his parents room is right across the hall.:D just blow twards the window.
  7. alright thanks guys :smoke:

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