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  1. Ok.. i need the advice from the city. may not be the right palce sorry if not. My girlfriend of almost 6 months broke up with me. I loved her so much and she mean te world to me. I feel so depressed right now and completly dead inside. To make things clear im NOT suicidal. I just want some advice from ppl who have gone through this before on how to deal with it. Alot of people have told me it will take time.... but i need something that can help me sooner. Something i can do or some words of encouragment. Anything would be appreciated. I feel so bad right now... i loved her so much and it feels like my world is crashing around me. help:(
  2. never trust a bitch
  3. nothing like that... shes not a bitch its personal reasons among others. And i take offence to something like that.
  4. If it hadn't been 6 months I'd say just suck it up and it'll get better... but if it really has been that long then the solution to your problem is easy... find someone else! find a nice chill lady, roll a j, and have some fun... you'll forget the ex in no time
  5. keep loadin' the bowl until you look down at your hands and realize you've turned into a giant. :smoke:
  6. definitely the next best option :hello:
  7. haha good idea^^^^^
  8. you have to understand that you will go through a depressed time, but finding another chick shouldnt be your main focus. you re main focus should be dealing with it and trying to get past it. Build a foundation fo another relationship by becoming happy with your single life. Just try to keep your head up and understand that this too, shall pass.
  9. wish i could help, but i learned a long time ago not to let she-devils get too deep into your heart. no offense ladies. . .
  10. hey thats what i said to begin with

  11. ya man, the main thing to do is focus on keepin you happy and thats for every situation

    whether single, in a relationship, or just ended 1, you gotta keep yourself happy
    lifes too good to not be enjoyin it man

    get some friends over tomorrow, smoke some weed and watch some football, thats what id do
  12. Break-ups hurt. You just haveto stay positive and realize that it's gonna take a while to get over her. So quit bein a bitch and light up a bowl!:smoke:
  13. hey, I'm sorry you're going through this :(
    nothing anyone can say can take the pain away, it's just something you're supposed to go through, it may take about three months before it goes away, after that it'll all be behind you.

    This isn't going to take the pain away any but maybe it'll give you something to think over and that'll take your mind off it a little.
    Your dna's one goal is to reproduce itself, in order to do that it needs you to find a nice girl and have babies. To get you to do this it controls how you feel - by either releasing chemicals into your blood stream that make you feel great (like when you first hooked up with her) or by releasing chemicals that make you feel lousy :( As you can't have babies if you break up her, your dna's making you feel really sad by releasing chemicals that bring you down. It's not trying to punish you it's just that by making you feel sad you're more likely to try to get back together with her, or try to find someone else. It's just something it's got to do, if it didn't do that humans would have died out centuries ago.

    Good luck going through all this, I feel for you.
  14. Man that sucks.. i went through this a couple of weeks ago. My girlfriend of almost two years wich i loved so much didn't want to be with me anymore. And that sucked. But i said fuck it, do what you've gotta to. I can't force you to be with me and i won't. I felt like shit. We're together again but i don't feel exactly the same for her anymore. So that shows you can get over it, and you will.

    Just smoke a bowl and watch movies, hang out with friends. Focus on other stuff. :)
  15. put more energy into other positive relationships in your life for awhile. spend more time with your friends, give a little more time and attention to them than usual. if you're lonely for another girlfriend start looking for another one, get your friends to help you find one that's worthwhile.
  16. thx guys, appreciate the help. Im just hoping i can get over it quick cause i dont want this to bring me down for so long
  17. Forget girls man! god gave you hands for a reason!!!!
  18. Just keep yourslef busy and chill with friends, and yes, thigns will get better as time goes on, Just hang in there.

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