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  1. So I got kicked out of living on campus for my second semester because they smelled weed in my dorm and I got caught with it. I do not want to tell my family haha obviously but I go back the 14 and its the 1. Im going to try to stay with someone I work with at school who lives in an apartment. Or maybe stay in a nearby hotel that students live in like dorms with a friend, but keep a low profile. Any advice? Am I crazy?:smoking: Any words appreciated.

    My family is very well off and sooo against weed. they are getting older and I really dont want to fuck up their lives more than I need to.
  2. Just be a man and tell your parents. Own up dude, fuck living off a coworker or in a hotel for a semester..
  3. Of you're asking fo my honest advice it would be this. Grow up.
  4. My advice.

    I think you need a ride awakening. Your obviously not safe about where and how you smoke. Your on campus. Is it that hard to go somewhere and smoke? This is you're life. Weird you didn't learn the first time. Do go into work smelling of pot? Says no smoking. So grow up and don't smoke in the dorm. Take a walk, find a chill spot and rollNtoke that shiz. But you need to make an adult choice. And act mature. It's not really anything people can give advice about. It's relevant. You know what you need to do.... So why ask?

    As far as family goes, they don't need to know. Be smart and you won't have that problem. Also.. Their lives? It's your decision. Your life. Just be smart.
  5. I would never smoke in my dorm they just smelled it and I had to turn it in.
  6. Your an adult now it's time to start acting like one, you will only make your situation worse if you don't tell your parents. They will eventually find out and it will be even more of a slap in their face if you decide to tell them further down the road.
    I mean it's going probably going to cause some stress now but guaranteed it will be a lot worse if you wait to tell them.
  7. I had a chance to appeal so I did and they open again tomorrow so I'll see how that goes b4 I say anything. How do u suppose they'd find out if I don't say?
  8. Well eventually you will get tangled in your web of stories, if not you it could be someone else that says something in passing while your parents are within earshot. Really how they find out could happen in numerous ways it's more of a matter of time they find out.
    Maybe your parents aren't close to you, but I'm sure they can tell when something is out of the ordinary with you or when your hiding something.
    Better off to just tell them you fucked up so both parties can get over it, it's only going to bite you in the ass if you decide to act like a child about the situation. For all you know it could work in your favor and they could help you out so you don't have to stay over pay for a room to stay in for a semester.
  9. Figured I'd say what up now as appreciation for answers to my post, I was able to appeal it and am still at school I told parents day b4 I went back and overal things are normal now :) thanks everyone

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