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  1. Well the situation is a girl I haven't seen in a couple years adds me on Facebook. We talk, hang out a few times with other people, and txt a lot. We kissed once too. I thought we had chemistry and she is wonderful, but we couldn't get any one on one time. We made plans but she bailed a couple times, and then with Christmas people were busy.

    Sooo now, she's leaving for a month. She's the kind of girl that might just txt me back because she's too nice not too though. She kept saying we would hang out before she left, but it neer happened, mostly because she couldn't or didn't want to.

    I haven't been looking for anyone but I now have a bit of a crush on her and I like it. If she's leaving for a month though, I don't mind waiting till she gets back if she's still interested. Damn mixed signals though.

    I was thinking about just straight up asking where were at and if she still wants to go out sometime when she gets back. Would that be really weird?? What do you guys think I should do.
  2. Leave her alone. From what I you just said, she only likes you as a friend. If she REALLY likes you, she would hit you up to chill b4 she leaves

    I'd say try to chill with her 1 more time, if she makes an excuse for why she can't, then she doesn't like you like that.

    And what are you expecting from her exactly? A relationship or just another kiss?

  3. A relationship. That's the thing though, SHE said SHE wanted to chill before she leaves, just us. I will probably just leave her alone like you said though, see how she plays it.
  4. don't waste your time man. you might enjoy having feelings for her but after that one month you're gonna start being hard on yourself
  5. Woman like men, not desperate wrecks that want to wait a month for them to get back. Give her a phone call, tell her it was a shame that you couldn't hang out before she left but that once she got back you will make plans.

    Leave it at that, no lovey dovey bullshit. She sees you want to wait for her thats the biggest turn off ever, tells her you got nothing else going on which does not build social status.

  6. This is very true.
    It sounds like the reason she may be brushing you off right now is because you're making it obvious to her that you're trying to win her over.
    When I was in high school, my friend knew a girl that had a big crush on me. He introduced us and we started talking a little. Quickly, I developed strong feelings for her, and made it a bit obvious but didn't make a real move. She very quickly lost interest, but still talked to me occasionally to avoid being rude. She even would tell me that we should hang out sometime, but never actually set a day. Same situation as you it seems. If it actually meant something to her then trust me she would without a doubt find a way to make it happen.

    You're best option is to do what is in the quotes above. Find someone else while she's away. If you can't/don't want to, then at least pretend you have. That way when she comes back it doesn't look like you've been doing nothing but waiting.
    Girls DO like when a guy will do anything for them, BUT not when they first meet/start dating. They have to be in love with that person first, otherwise it just seems crazy.
  7. Man, some of you guys just need to let life happen. A month? Dude, if you can't wait a month... try talking to another girl while she's gone haha.
  8. Girls lie dude

  9. lol Well fuck me. I always forget that people lie.

    Thanks for all the advice guys. I am feeling better today, looking at the positives. I didn't like her till a couple weeks ago if that. I might have gone a little overboard, but I like to think I still have some dignity. :D
  10. It's happened to me too man

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