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  1. hello gc fam, so I was blessed yesterday with a line of AN Products. The 3 base ph perfect, voodoo juice, b52, and tarantula. I have 2 tents one 5x9 for flower and one 3x3 for babies/veg. Upon doing some research I’ve noticed these were specially designed for hydroponics. I’m growing in Mother Earth+perlite & happyfrog. I’m wondering if I should take these back to my grow shop and try a more soil friendly nute. I’ve been running with GH for about a year and it’s about time to switch up the girls food. Emerald harvest was on my mind what do you guys think?
  2. Why switch it up? I'm asking because I just switched from AN to GH, hydro and soil both
  3. Well I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against GH but it’s also the only nutrient I’ve ran on my own. I suppose I’d like to just see the difference @ harvest

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  4. I moved away from AN simply because of the price. Also found out that GH was much easier to work with. At least their dry product is. So, if you switch to AN.. be prepared to pay a lot more and also run out faster
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  5. if its made for hydro the amount your soil plants require MIGHT be different .
  6. They liked 3/4 strength. 1/2 strength i was getting deficiencies, Full strength I was getting nute burn.
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  7. i just did the same damn thing only i wasted more money on it than you (bought a whole lot more than just 3) and I immediately ran back to FF. heard a lot of good stuff about GH on here but i'm already in soil so didn't have time to research new nute lines. I would assume that you could use it because it's the same nutrients involved, but i thought the ratios,amounts, and pH issues could be different so I just said fuck the risk.
  8. Lol well before I read all of these I went back and returned that expensive AN and got the emerald harvest Cali pro and some of the other sups they got

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  9. And I feel you dude I wasn’t about to risk it

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