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  1. Hey GC

    On Friday I'm gonna take acid for the first time.

    I've been around people who have taken it so i know what it looks like when ur tripping. i just don't really have a good idea what exactly it feels like. From what i've heard people tell me that its completely personal and that you control your trip..

    I guess what im asking is for some advice/tips for the first time. What is a good thing to do/bad things/ whats cool/what isn't

    Also how long will it last for, can i smoke weed while doing it?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated..
  2. A lot depends on your dose level and personal chemistry. Your first time taking it will set the bar for you, but nobody can tell you exactly what will happen. My first time i took one tab and felt next to no alteration besides a weak body high.

    Acid is strange because you never know exactly what is on that piece of paper, and there is no way to tell exactly how much of it there is. I have now taken it a couple of times, and i would say i have tripped pretty hard on it (after taking 2.5 tabs of festival acid at Allgood this year) but i have tripped harder on an 8th of mushrooms.

    Now, if you're not like me, you may trip really hard after taking a small dose for the first time, and that's cool. My acid experiences have all been, as you said, closely personal and heavily influenced by my surrounding environment. If you have tripped hard on mushrooms before, you can surely identify with the intense feelings of euphoria and also confusion that can be experienced while in this state.

    If you have never eaten mushrooms, i might suggest trying them before LSD. The mushrooms experience lasts for about 6-8 hours depending on dose and consists of a come up, a plateau, and a slow come down. Acid on the other hand can last for 12 hours or more depending on dose, and the rhythm and pacing are very different that mushrooms. Acid is a series of peaks and valleys that continues on and on for what seems like forever.

    In the end, only you can judge the best situation to do acid, but remember to be in a good setting! The people you plan to spend time with must be people you trust, and ones that know what you are going through so they won't play stupid tricks on you or whatnot. Public places (except concerts) generally don't mix well with me and tripping, but to each their own. Going out into the woods is always a good idea.

    Play Grateful Dead and Reggae music! Good luck!
  3. Oh yeah, one thing i forgot to answer: the weed question!

    I always smoke weed during my trips, as i find it enhances the general mindset and visual sensations. So yes, go ahead and smoke weed if you feel like it in the moment. But, if you are already tripping bananas then you won't feel like it :D:D:D
  4. hey dude thanks a bunch, im pretty set on takin in. I've heard that like u need to have a good and open mind when you take it on order to have a good trip. I'm pretty excited about it.

    I haven't done shrooms but from what i've heard u see more stuff while on shrooms while on acid its more a feeling of euphoria and some like lines and shit...

  5. Best advice so far!!!! Reggae is good too! Peace :smoking:

  6. well u gotta have tunes for w.e ur doing mann
  7. ive dosed many times by now and only one time have i not smoked weed during a trip...and i will tell u that it sucks to not smoke weed during a trip...i feel like it intensifies it a lot (in a good way)...dfinetly blaze up while dosing...smoke a bowl like 20-30 mintues after u dose...will make u start tripping faster lol...acid is will love it, dont worry about anything

    music suggestions

    heavyweight by infected mushroom
    any pink floyd, beatles, or zeppelin
    hayling by FC kahuna (lol me and a friend listened to this song over and pver and over for 3 hours on a shroom trip once haha)
    and then anything u really like after that (no heavy metal/music with bad vibes)
  8. You may not want to while peaking, depending on how heavy the trip is.

    Smoke during the comedown though, it brings the trip back and intensifies visuals.

    Enjoy the acid man, you'll learn about you, the brain, and people in general. Make sure you're tripping with friends also.
  9. so how much should i take, my friends are going to have a lot and like idk much about the dosing of it... i was gonna take 2 "hits" of it, but how do i know if thats to much since it is my first time doing it
  10. This is an experience, (not dosing advice)
    but my first two times I took 2 hits.
  11. Well it's like i was saying before, you never know exactly how many micrograms is in a single tab, but i would take one tab at first. If you don't feel anything after an hour and a half, pop get the idea. Make sure you don't take too much, acid has a way of taking longer to kick in for me than mushrooms. Just be patient and let the trip take you on its course.

    Also, anything creative is usually really fun with acid. If you play an instrument you should definitely jam out. Drawing is really cool too....and then there's always the time honored classic of just turning out the lights and having a glow stick rave in the dark with loud ass music playing. One time i was tripping with my friend and we spent hours playing Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel board game! We would duck into the closet to smoke every once in a while and it was just a fun ass night. So the point is, mostly anything can be fun on this stuff, just make sure you are comfortable with your environment and the people you're with.

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