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  1. Alright so there was this girl I liked about over a year ago and I thought shit was going fine, but then she just stopped talking to me. Sure it was depressing but I was done with it after a bit and moved on. But then her and I start sort of talking again. I'm thinking it's more friendly than anything. And I would say I do have some sort of feelings for her, but I can tell she likes me. For this time around, so far, I have been less attached because I don't want to get fucked over again.

    I don't know, that's all I got. If you guys have any advice it would be appreciated.
  2. just start asking her out on little dates or whatever. just the 2 of you. if she accepts a few times then you are together and she is willing to be with you. at that point make it known how you felt before and that you had feelings back then and then felt smashed when she left.

    then tell her you just dont want that to happen this time around and thats why it may seem like your guard is up all the time.
  3. What i would do is keep it simple, a friendly relationship,make her feel comfortable,if she does like you shell eventually say something something (if you know what im saying :cool:)
  4. Yeah uhh I'm in the exact same situation. Sucks right? What can you do? Well, it sounds like you're taking my approach, protecting yourself first. That's exactly what I think you should do. As for me, I'm taking it easy, maybe ask her on a few dates or something. Keep it light, no reason to be talking nonstop considering she backed off randomly.

    There really is no good advice here, because who the hell knows what she wants from you. She probably does like you since you guys had a thing before. But I'm not exactly sure how to go about this situation. I guess we both will find out sooner or later.
  5. Well I'll just keep doing what I am doing. And then see where it goes from there. That way if it doesn't work it won't be such a shitty time the next time around
  6. Yup, good luck and report back the outcome. And I will do the same, maybe we can both figure out how to go about this sticky problem.:smoking:
  7. Alright sounds good man!
  8. its not about the things you say, you do say them though

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