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advice will be much appreciated

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alainamaree, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. So, this is probably going to be a long paragraph but please take a moment to hear me out. I've been smoking since last November and the past 6 months I have been smoking pretty much everyday. It started as a "weekend only" thing, but I soon broke that rule. If anyone is going to criticize me on my age, whatever. But I am still in high school and I recently got in trouble. My mom says I need to stop smoking because I'm addicted. (she says that BC I use it everyday). I'm not sure if she is right or not. This is my first day without bud and it sucks. I feel demotivated and just shitty. She says its demotivated me and she threatened to send me to rehab if I do not stop. I do respect her opinion and I will stop, but I just don't know if I really enjoyed the herb/benefited from it, or if I really was addicted. Any thoughts?

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  2. my opinion? wait till you got a good career already in place, then go back to smoking. but for now, try and quit if you can...or at least cut down by a whole lot.
  3. You'll battle through little tike.

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  4. Distract yourself.
    Quit sitting around thinking about it.
    (Or making threads about it.) 
    It will pass.
  5. I only made one post? but ok.

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  6. You're dealing with a crotchety old man.
    No offense intended.
  7. What was the nature of the problem with school?
    Are you slacking off? Maybe pick it up a bit and even do extra things around the house.
    You never did tell us your age or grade.
  8. like someone said above it will pass. patience young skywalker. how bout just don't do it as much if you think it's a problem. if you do it all the time then it's never really the same as spacing it out. you'll enjoy the high more because your tolerance will be lower and you use less bud and save more money. i love bud just as much as the next guy but it's not like being high is the only way to enjoy your life but of course weed does make a lot of things better.

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