Advice please! Busted with buds/para in NJ, clean record first offense plz help!

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  1. Ok guys, so it happened. I was enroute today to NYC from MD and a friend of mine got pulled over after some foolish driving with another friend. Three of us were in the car and we had burned two fat ones. I had a bag with my bowl, grinder, and two vials of herb (less than 1/8) hidden in mid rear benchseat. Upon smelling the weed in the car, officer pulled us out for a search. They found the bag.

    Long story shortened up, I was charged with marijuana possession of less than 50 grams, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The cops at least gave me my bag that the stuff was in, but didn't give me back or forgot to give me my license (i wasn't driving and was in back seat all times til getting arrested)! Ive never been arrested before, and I have a perfect driving record. I have to go to court in NJ and I was wondering what I need to do to prepare. I only want to pay a fine and maybe take a drug education course if anything, I'm praying this will be the case. Any suggestions or comments from new jersey residents? I am not a resident of New Jersey. Thanks in advance
  2. Take it upon yourself to educate (google) the NJ MJ Laws.
  3. You're correct sir. I did prior to making this post. It's considered a Disorderly persons offense which has max penalty of 6 months jail time and $1000 fine. I was hoping to get replies from someone who has actual experience with getting arrested like this in NJ. Thanks for your suggestion nonetheless.

  4. They will let you go with a warning 90% sure
    The other is fine, community service.
  5. Thanks, any other suggestions or comments welcome. I'll be seeking advice from an attorney as well, was kind of hoping I wouldn't need to take it that far but we'll see.
  6. if your under 18, youll get probo. nj sucks balls. if your an adult youll get a warning or small fine
  7. Hey there. You messaged me about this and I thought I should post it on here were as many people as possible will have the chance to acquire the knowledge.

    I was never a resident of NJ at the time of my arrest (roughly 7 years ago) and was simply there for vacation when I was arrested on one of their beaches for smoking marijuana. I was charged with possession of under 28 grams ((I believe that's what it was), (even though I only had less than half a gram)); as well as paraphernalia.

    I was a minor at the time, so they were forced to call my parents as I sat there and waited for the inevitable looks of scorn from them. Long story short, I was given an out of state court watch, and was also required to drive back to NJ for my court hearing. I was then required to write a 500 word essay on the dangers of substance abuse, as well as a personal apology letter to the police department, specifically the ones that met me on the beach the night of my arrest. The court watch lasted for 6 months, and after that the offense was completely wiped off my record, considering I didn't make any additional offenses following the court watch; I was not drug tested throughout the entirety of the process.

    I don't know what will happen to you, but I hope that the law is on your side.

  8. An essay and an apology letter , what is this 4th grade :confused:
  9. Thanks guys for your input, it's really appreciated. I'm in my mid 20s, recent college grad, no prior record, I'm really worried about my job finding out and me losing it. Gonna call in a few to see if I can get court pushed back, anyone think I should get a lawyer?
  10. my friend got the same charges he was driving and alone though, he got 1 year probation.(he had 1 bag) rolled up in a dutchmaster (and in NJ) . and still has his lisc nj blows

    and had no priors
  11. get a lawyer. they are cheap for misdemeanors like 700-800$. He will avoid pobation and just get u fines.

  12. You should be able to do that without the 700-800 and use that to pay the fines.
  13. its really up to the judge. ive seen lots of people get probation and some people just get a fine. if u want a cheap route get a public defender. its like 50 bucks and im sure they could get you a reduced sentence.
  14. Depends a bit on the area. Around here if you're under 18 it's community service and probation. Over 18 it's typically probation or just a fine, depends on the circumstances. New Jersey has a PTI law, you pretty much get a probation type deal and it doesn't go to court, sometimes rehab.

  15. That's a pretty hard essay to write for weed :rolleyes:
  16. Nothing I included in the essay was actually my opinion, I just treated it like another essay for school.

    I think I remember re-reading it when I was done thinking "the kid that wrote this is a brainwashed fool."

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