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advice on this bong?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by meowzus, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. hey guys, i'm considering getting this bong. i have a few other bent glass pieces and i'm pretty happy with them. is there anything around this price range which might be a lot better than this one? thanks!
    BENT GRID Straight Base 17.5 Inch Bent ($399 CAD)


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    To each their own if you are going to spend 400$ on a piece make sure it's the one YOU want..

    And that is a nice bong
  3. will you like it as much when the perks get all ressed up and there's no way to clean them? that might be something you want to consider. that is a nice bong though for sure. I have a beaker bottom with a perk and ice catcher and past the ice catcher it will forever be brown i've tried everything to clean it it will never be like it was when it was new.
  4. I have a bent, it's nice glass
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    Do you live in canada? have you ever ordered from smoke tower before?

    I recently just bought a Illadelph from thejointgalley they ship for free in canada and i ordered it wednesday and had it at my door friday. And a plus i put my order in for a green one but half hour later they called me and told me they were sold out and upgraded me to the gold one that is more money for no cost so props to them for taking care of that so fast!
  6. Nice piece, I wouldn't mind picking one up for myself. Its been a while since I purchased any glass.
  7. how much do bongs cost

  8. I've seen crappy plastic bongs for $5 and ridiculous Roor things that I don't fully understand approaching (and I'd imagine going over) $1,000.

    It's like asking how much do cars cost.

    Go click on the tab up top that says grasscity shop. It's a learning experience.

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  9. thanks for the replies. can someone tell me more about dhgate - they're basically like aliexpress etc? chinese replicas? also i was checking out apix design. The pieces seem expensive and they don't seem to have any cool percolators, or cool tech. i'm looking for a great hit more than just like artistry.
  10. Get a illadelph hits like a champ
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    Well I've personally owned an Apix design gridded stemline and in my opinion it's the best perc for flower in existence. If you're looking for function you wouldn't be disappointed. However this is just one name in a large industry of well-functioning, affordable glass.

    Illadelphs are overpriced for how simple they are. It's basically paying for the brand name like you would with a RooR.
  12. I've heard people swear by Bent glass and Haleyissoarx said they made some of the best flower tubes she's used. Never owned but have personally used the Atomic and the Stingray (it's like a lay down inline bub), and I'd recommend them if you had the money.

    But like the guy above me said, another good name in a world of glass. My number one thing before I buy any tube is checking the stacking of the bubbles and how quickly the smoke turns yellow in the tube. The best pieces never go stale no matter how much you keep inhaling.

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    You can get a decent "starter" bong for about 20 bucks just to see if bongs are something you like, or if you'd rather have a bubbler, regular pipe or just use papers. I got the Daisy Pipe from SikLabs and then stripped the paint off it, and that was my daily driver until I broke it (that 1mm glass base). It's pretty much like firerat said.

  14. Yeah, they're a bigger site than aliexpress with a lot more sellers. I've bought several things from them (not all smoking related) and have never had any issues. They ship via DHL for free to the US.

  15. 400 hundred brother just keep 300 and spend 100. It's a nice bong tho
  16. have you hit it before?

    It looks like my bong. just bigger, and my bong is about the smoothest glass I've ever hit out of.


  17. I like that piece you got there sirinfi.
  18. ^^Nice Mobius SirInfi

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