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Advice On Pot Consumption

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by charper2013, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. I want to be really really baked beyond beilief for school in a few days. I have 4 grams that I want to make the best of. I should have like 30-45 mins to smoke/eat/drink/consume my mary jane :). Im thinking I eat a mango and a 0.5g firecracker when I wake up. After 30 Minutes I smoke a 1g blunt and take a few gbong tokes. So thats like 2g.. I dont know what I should do lol. Im done for make hash or anything. I just wanna be really really high for school for absolutley no reason lol. :hello:
  2. I remember the first time I went to school high…
  3. I go to school high 4 out of 5 days of the school week lol. I just want to max it out now. :hello:
  4. dude your gonna be so wrecked
  5. :hippie: lets hope so :cool:.. right now i dont even know what ima do with it all lol
  6. If your goal is to get wrecked, just consume all 4g in an edible. Sautee the herb in real butter then pour it onto a piece of toast and eat it. It may taste bad but you will be fucked. IMHO that would be a waste of weed, but to each his own I guess.
  7. Hrm.. I guess thats an idea. But I wouldn't be too happy about it. Doesn't seem like alot of fun.:eek:
  8. Ah college...good times

  9. Well if you are looking for a more fun way to go through 4g's in a short amount of time..make a gravity bong with a huge bowl and huge chamber. I can't imagine I would be able to go to school after 4g's through a g bong though.

  10. Lol.. I have only hallucinated off weed once and it was in my beginner days.. I saw a 18 wheeler with 2 tanks on it.. ofc now I know i didnt possibly see that.. im hoping I will be completely blown to this pont again lol. I just remembered I have to shower and get dressed after all this lmao...!!! What a chore..
  11. Noone has anymore suggestions?
  12. Make sure to pre-grind/break up the night before, get everything ready, skin and cube your mango and refrigerate. I wouldn't even wait the 30 minutes after a mango, because you know you will still be smoking 30 minutes after you eat it even if you start right away, and you get a lot of extra time to toke. Eat your .5-1g firecracker, a 4g edible would be a bit excessive. Bong it, big bowls, as fast as you can. If possible and you start to run out of time just stuff the rest into a blunt / joints and smoke on the way.
  13. Awesome post + rep

  14. I used to go to school baked all the time in high school. Now I don't as often. I kinda fell it's a waste of weed. When I'm high I like to enjoy myself and do fun shit. Not sit in school bored out of my mind. I can't lie and say it's not fun tho. It's just not something I fell the need to do before school. I'd rather be sober all day, go home home and toast some herb
  15. If it i read the post right i would take the .5 firecracker, smoke a 2g blunt:cool: and smoke 1.5 g worth of bowls fuck the mango (my opinion) and when your about to go to skool blown as fuck that firecracker should kick in... i think i added right....
  16. I vote 4 gram firecracker, just cuz that would be nuts.
  17. Dude... You might get really paranoid and that would ruin it so I recomend smoking the blunt with a change of clothes or in the shower and have a thing of eyedrops with you just so you aren't tripping (friends first time was yesterday and she freaked the fuck out whenever a teacher looked at her lol.
  18. Dude you should be good. Don't overdo your firecracker and put .5 on both sides of the cracker so then, when they are together, you have a whole gram in one damn cracker(I was so baked it was unbelievable, I experienced the most intense couch lock in my whole tokin' career). That mango stuff does work too.:smoke:
  19. you know there is such a thing as being too high, especially when adding edibles into the mix. gl tho
  20. eat 1g canna-peanut butter (stickied in edibles forum, tastes better than firecracker, or you can use nutella if you really want to cover the taste) & take like 4-6 hits off of the gbong. You'll be blasted for most of the time you're at school, especially if you have a mango beforehand, even if you did just the gbong you'll be very high. So throwing mango+edibles will make things fucking crazy. :smoke:

    Oh and if you are short on time before school, I'm pretty sure it'd be fine to eat the mango+edible at the same time, since they'd both get digested at the same rate and kick in at the same time.

    Have fun :wave:

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