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    Well probably a few blades know that im into mma and what not and it all really started back when i was a freshman in highschool cus i was so damn small. My frist official weigh in for highschool was 112lbs i mean i was small. And ever since then ive been wanting to change my body type but i just never did until about 5 - 6 months ago, and the thing is that i know im getting stronger cause im able to lift a hell of alot more weight then i used to....

    I guess what im trying to say is that do any of you have that problem were other people tell you your in shape or getting bigger but you just dont see it? cause thats me lol....

    anyways right now im only 5'6 137 im a small person in general im right now in BJJ and just basic striking and MMA classes i go to the gym 5 times a week and i love it....

    heres what i look like right am i just not seeing a difference or do i look like a good weight and muscle tone or fitness? thanks blades will really appreciate any comments good or bad...

    EDIT: now dont get me wrong i dont really have a look self esteem issue cause i dont think im ugly or like anerexic its just im not seeing results like people are telling me....its like when skinny people think they are fat....

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  2. Obviously don't get discouraged, keep at it. I don't know if you do or not, but definitely watch your diet. Body composition is like 80% diet and 20% training.

  3. I do dude i eat healthy as fuck always have but i train alot especially for MMA cause its not a easy sport to thrive at...
  4. The height and the self esteem are probably related. Keep working your chest it looks underworked compared to your delts

  5. it is i forgot to note that picture wasnt taken that recent probably almost two months ago, i do bench but i dont bench like i should mostly cause i work out for cardio and cardio doesnt really do with much benching...
  6. let me help your self esteem a bit.

    i'm a fat guy, and i am jealous of your body.
    just eat right, plenty of meat and lots of greens. you'll be good.

  7. thanks dude that means something to me but dont be jealous of me trust me better people have came and went in this life and i dont consider myself to be one of them (yet).
  8. honestly, i think you are worrying too much about this. a body is only worth as much as you can do. all that looks get you is pussy and jelousy. instead of worrying about how you look, worry about your performance in the ring and in the gym. you should be worrying about the guys who look worse than you but could still beat your ass. focus on beating them. as a fighter, that is all that should matter.
  9. Cheer up, Buttercup.:cool:

  10. this is true and not to seem "high of myself" but i havent lost yet it really seems to easy at my weight class thats why i wanna move up to 155 the only time ive ever been caught up and almost tapped was in a arm bar it hurt like hell but luckily the round ended cause i almost tapped.
  11. thats the spirit. it dont matter what you look like as long as you kick ass.

  12. true but i also want to look in shape feeling good about the way you look i think is also just as important...

  13. instead of burning all of that fat with cardio, just lift weights. if you're trying to bulk up then you need to eat a lot, and lift weights. sure, keep doing some cardio, but definitely lean more towards weight lifting.
  14. well if you want some extra weight we could trade. i would kill to be at all in shape...

  15. I havent really explained i dont just work out cardio i do lift 5 times a week and i do eat alot my metabolism is insane i hate it sometimes..
  16. i get it, its your sport and all, but dont stress yourself out more than you have to.
    worry about what to do to help you perform, not what will make you look good
    when we die, our bodies decay, we cant take these things with us. dont stress yourself out over something like that, life is too short buddy
  17. Yeah I was like that man... now I just eat as much as I can whenever i'm baked (i.e. most of the day), and go to the gym like every 3 days for weights. Im steadily getting bigger and more ripped, and it's nice for that to be noticed

    My only cardio is drumming.

    Like some other guy said, if you're trying to bulk up, cardio is quite counterproductive. Better to spend a while only lifting and attempting to gain weight. Its supposedly very hard to build lean muscle. You have to gain a bit of fat (which wouldnt do you much harm looking at the pic), in order to gain muscle.
  18. U look pretty ripped to me bro, more ripped than i am

  19. thats the thing im so damn lean thats all i gain is lean muscle im like 7% body fat but not unhealthy and im not trying to bulk up like im on roids just get a little bigger and try to move up to 155.

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