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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TheLeftHandSide, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hello all! Longtime lurker, longtime toker decided to finally give it a go and sign up! :smoke:
    I am starting my first grow and I was wondering if anyone here could answer a few of my questions regarding it (yes, I have read other threads to look for answers). I am thinking of starting a grow-op in the NE at a house deep in the woods, probably a pretty decently sized one I'm thinking like 10 plants at least. It will be an outdoor grow and my question for you is if I set up an irrigation system and enough security (chicken wire, fish hooks, hunting camera etc) would my plants manage on their own enough so that they would be fine if I was only able to check on them for a few days at a time every 4 weeks or so? I appreciate your help in helping a newbie grower out!
    Toke on! :smoking::bongin:
  2. In addition I'm also worried about flyovers would I have to account for that? Thanks again guys!
  3. From what ive read, if you can have them watered automatically yes. thats all that u really need to do when u check on them... and if u wana use hella nutes... get water ones and mixem with ur water supply... again imma noob 2 and im just starting my first grow... so this is all theoretical shit ive read

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