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Advice on my first time?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by M4nhattanM4niac, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. For a while now I've been urging to at least try out marijuana, you know? At least once to be able to determine if I want to continue or not. So my friend said he would hook me up and I'm pretty nervous to tell you the truth..

    I need some pointers like:
    How to mask the smell of smoke on my clothes when I come back so my mom and dad don't kill me

    Is it true that I won't get high the first time I smoke?

    Does it hurt your throat to smoke?( Pussy question) and

    Should I smoke alone or with friends the first time?

    + my friend said it would run me up $10... is that cheap weed? I dont want dirt....

    And anything else you wanna tell me.
  2. it all depends how much ur getting for $10. even if its crappy weed, im sure it will be enough to get you stoned your first time. i think people dont get high the first time cuz they dont inhale right. what are u going to be smoking out of? also, for smell, u can cover it up with cologne or febreeze or something or wait a hour or so after u smoke so u can air urself out? idk lol

    and yes it hurts your throat a little. a bowl or two usually isnt bad, but if u smoke a lot in one sitting (esp joint/blunt) ur throat will prolly be a little tender. its not a big deal really
  3. Spend the night at your friends and use shitload of febreeze, take off your sweater if you have one.

    You will get incredibly high the first time you smoke depending on the shit your friend has.

    Your throat will hurt a little bit but you get used to it pretty quickly. Use a bong if available.

    Only smoke with your friends if you trust them not to get in trouble, fuck with you, jack your shit, etc.
  4. alright shell the extra ten out get a dub (20 dollars of weed) make sure he gets good shit see if he has a piece and if he wants to smoke with you being high is way more fun with people and its only true that you dont get high if you dont inhale properly ive been smoking for about a year and i still am tryin to get the hang of it sometimes if you do get blazed and are worried about your parents text them with some lie it makes it alot easier calling them will probably fuck you i think you will enjoy it overall tho and if you smoke outdoors or in a larger room with decent ventalation you wont smell like weed the only time i do is if i hotbox a car or small room :smoke:
  5. omg man! your going to have a blast! just dont worry everything will go fine and have a postive mind :hello: i smoked with friends my first time and let me tell you it was THEE best night of my life :) im baked now to haha :smoke:
  6. I would have pretty much said exactly this... except I think its hilarious to fuck with my friends and trip em out when they are stoned to the bone. I would never mess with a first time smoker though.
  7. wait till your 18 so you dont have to worry about mommy and daddy killing you
  8. Smell: Weed doesn't smell nearly as bad as everone thinks...

    Does it hurt your throat
    : Yeah probably but it will go away shortly...

    Friends vs. Alone
    : Definitely smoke with people who have smoked before, and who you are comfortable around. Smoking with people you don't know or by yourself could be scary/make you paranoid.

    No one can tell if you have cheap weed just by saying a price. if you want, when you buy it, get up a pic on GC so that we can help you out.

    I hope this helped and Enjoy.
  9. i suggest not using a bong your first time for it is tricky to use
    the number one rule is to inhale all that you dont get high your first time i think is bologna
    i suggest this method
    1. suck in smoke from peice( i suggest a joint or blunt becasue it is simplest)
    2. then with smoke in mouth take a breath like you normally would make it a deep breath
    3. hold on to smoke for 3-5 seconds then exhale slowlyjust relax i was nercous my first time too
    and your haert rate will probably go up its normal dont freak out
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    Weed smell doesn't linger like tobacco smoke. When after you take a hit and you take your mouth off of whatever your smoking out of MAKE SURE you inhale air to push deeper into your lungs, hold it in for about five seconds no matter how bad you want to cough. Smoke with some trusty friends in a comfortable environment.

    EDIT: Listen to the guy above me with the heart rate thing. Also brush off any negative thoughts so you don't have a panic attack. If you feel like you're dreaming, that's a very good sign. :) The first time I smoked the dreaming thing and the heartbeat thing freaked me out. I felt that my heart was going fast, and I convinced myself it was laced. (Which it wasn't) And because I was scared it was going faster.
  11. The first time will be your best time! Just relax, stay positive, and there's no way you can go wrong. And enjoy it, cause there's NOTHING like your first time getting blazed to shit.

    Good luck man!
  12. my first few times smoking sucked, i had panic attacks and anxiety attacks and shit

    after bout 5 times it started getting better.
  13. My advice for your first time is take one hit, sit back for 5 mins, take another, and so on until you're feeling the desired effects. If you get too high your first time then you will have a bad time and probably never want to try it again.

    As for the question about getting high your first time or not, i've heard yes and i've heard no, so I can't tell you, but when you know, you'll know.
  14. Also just calm down, and you need to have a positive mindset.
  15. Your average weed cost $10 a gram, so look for a brighter green color, with not alot of seeds, maybe 3 at the max.

    Marijuana can be whatever you use it for. I use mine for depression and other mental and physical Issues. Weed can be an enhancement for life, music, movies, songwriting an writing in general.

    Relax. The effects of Marijuana wont overwhelm you. Just start out small. Take 1 toke, and wait 5 minutes or so.

    You should instantly feel your eyes get a little heavy, your head will relieve of any pressure, and you might have trouble focusing on something, so PLEASE DONT DRIVE.

    After the first hit, see how it is, give it 5 and hit again. From there, just go until you feel good enough.

    You will laugh at little stuff, and things will be really funny, so give it a good 3-4 hours before going home to the rents.
  16. How to mask the smell of smoke on my clothes when I come back so my mom and dad don't kill me

    = just get some axe or any deoderant spray

    Is it true that I won't get high the first time I smoke?

    =not true, most people just aren't able to inhale the smoke properly on their first time because:

    Does it hurt your throat to smoke?( Pussy question) and

    =yeah it will burn your throat a bit the first time

    Should I smoke alone or with friends the first time?

    =doesn't really matter but its much more fun with friends but the most important thing is to stay relaxed and smoke somewhere where you know you can smoke in peace because you might get a little freakedout the first time (don't worry you won't freak)
  17. QFT dude. way to spell it out for em man. i luckily didn't have any panic attacks, but the dreaming thing is a very good way to describe it. if you do start to have a panic attack remember this: you are mostly having a panic attack because of the stigma associated with smoking in the first place, consider it D.A.R.E's last attempt at pulling the wool over your eyes. You'll do fine good sir/madam. Welcome to the city! :wave:
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    I would recommend smoking with 1-3 good friends max. More people, and especially people you don't know very well, can be a little stressful on a beginning smoker. Even now if I haven't been smoking much and I go over to my hookup's house it is always full of people I don't know and I'll get super baked and get weird vibes. But I also just don't like crowds of people much if you're super outgoing and a people person then that advice probably doesn't apply to you.
    My first time I got high I was REALLY high. Like REALLY REALLY high. I was introduced to like 5 different people and couldn't remember anyone's name. I couldn't follow the conversation at all I didn't really like that too much but then I went in the house and watched some TV and that was super cool.
    Sometimes the first high isn't all that enjoyable, normally because people will smoke too much. I'd take a hit or two and wait 15-20mins don't just sit and smoke your whole sack right of the bat.
    If you've got to worry about your parents you might want to plan on not being around them. That first time I was high for about 8 hours. Attention span and thinking powers of a 5yr old high.

    edit: I went through D.A.R.E. twice because I was in a 4th/5th grade combo class for two years. Look at me now! Tax dollars well spent.
  19. Oh and don't smoke with idiots that always say they're high, or are bragging about how much they smoked by themselves the other day, or how smokey they got their hot boxed car, usually these goobers are lieing and don't know shit about smoking or marijuana.
  20. inhale

    hold for a second or two


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