Advice On Letting Her Know/making A Move

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  1. alright, so i'm gonna start this off by saying that i have little to no game. i went out with a girl in high school for three years and it started pretty naturally so i didn't really need to have game at all, and now i'm in college like, "well, shit."
    so basically this girl who i've known for a while and i have started to hang out. we went and saw a movie, and we're going to a concert on saturday (chance the rapper! :) ). she's invited me both times, but after we movie we just got ice cream and talked for a while (we go to different colleges, so we basically caught up with each other). at this concert i wanna give her some obvious signals and/or make a move if possible, but i have no idea how. we're drinking beforehand, and i'm burning (she can't for that particular night, but she get sconed on the reg), so hopefully that'll give me some confidence, but i just don't wanna bitch out again.
    any advice from the blades/bladies? 

  2. Keep your cool and itll come naturally. Dont have premeditated your moves or lines that never works out (at least for me). Dont over think this shit. 
  3. Unless weed makes you more social, don't smoke before hand.
  4. i mean i wasn't thinking of lines beforehand, that'd be kinda weird haha and idk about other people, but weed definitely does help me socially, and plus this will be the first time i smoke in about 2 months so it'll be sick
  5. weed helps me big time socially as well. Just grab her hand or to "come" and stick out your hand. Later on when the time is right just plant one on her, pretty simple. 
  6. Pretty much the icing on the cake.....omg and with sprinkles!
  7. Just be yourself, keep a smile on your face. I want to tell you this, if you do not feel love in your heart for this girl then you should just be friends. You see love will concur all your fears and make for a beautiful life. Remember to be yourself, treat her with respect and pay close attention to her and everything she says.

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