Advice on guerilla planting protest seeds

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  1. If Dana Larsen is good on his word I will soon have 100 CBD seeds to plant around town. I'm planning on sewing the seeds around in a dense urban environment in places that will be visible. These aren't THC plants and I have no care about yielding a crop. These are intended as protest plants and I only want to make sure they have decent odds of becoming a plant.

    That being said what advice would you give someone to fit in a backpack and walk around town planting seeds quickly and discreetly?

    My thinking so far is to germinate the seeds first in plastic containers with paper towel and when they germinate head out that night on a planting spree. I'm thinking all I should need is a garden trowel, some slow release nutrients and maybe a bottle of early stage liquid nutrients solution.

    I would bend down and pretend I'm picking up my dog's shit but quickly till the soil a little, drop in some of the slow release nutrients and the seed, cover it up, pour a little liquid nutrients for good luck and be on my way.

    Does anyone see a problem with this plan or can you offer any suggestions?
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  3. try putting them in planters or landscaping, they need sun, water and some slow release fertilizer.
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  4. Just make sure where you plant them is not regularly weeded by city workers ect . I am planning on this aswell got my order in

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