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Advice on Finding Ganj

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by grassking, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Hey, ive been smoking for a pretty good amount of time, over 4 years now. I am in a foreign country right now for the rest of the summer and am thinking about going out to find some herb.

    I was wondeirng, what kind of advice would u give me on weed hunting. What kind of buildings should i target? What questions do i ask?

    I check Webehigh for my city but its not available. I just wanted a general idea of what kind of customs exist in asking strangers for weed.

  2. idk about you and where you are but around here (Detroit) walk up to your local party store at 11pm and if a guy is walking towards you leaving the party store with cigar/blunt wraps in his hat or hes carrying liquer ask him if he knows where to get some tree most likely he will give you his number :)

    dont approach someone from behind at night unless you wanna get your ass kicked.... but thats just around here

    (also anyone you see laughing his ass off while eating chicken wings in a car at the gas station then trying to throw them into the garbage 2 feet away and missing every time, probably knows where to find some:D)
  3. I dont think going out looking for it is very wise at all. You could end up getting in alot of trouble and depending on the country jailed or even killed! I'd advise you to go out to some pubs, make some friends....You know, get chatting and slip the question in after a while. Im sure they will know someone that can sort you out if they are sound guys.
    Good luck!
  4. Definitely depends on the country

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