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  1. Alright guys first off im typing this on a ps3 browser which is a little outdated . So since i was about 14 i have lived with my older brother. Over the years he has really helped me out. I dont have to pay rent or anything just the cable bill and i buy a majority of the groceries. Now he has got a baby coming and dont get me wrong im excited for him but i feel like its time for me to get out on my own. Heres the problem i only make 350 dollar a week cash under the table. Now i could go find a better paying job but where im working now im learning a very profitable and specialised trade and in a few years i could start my own buisness so i really dont think i should quit. Now obviously i have to be on the books to get a loan so im going to talk to my boss about that. So heres my question is there anyway anybody will give me a loan? Around me i could find a decent place for under 50,000 and i live in pa. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Most loan places require you to have a steady job on the books for a year or two. You also have to have a positive credit report ie you need to buy stuff on credit in order to build credit. I would start of by getting on the books , rent a place, and get a credit card just buy what you can afford to pay off completely when the bill comes due. Good luck.

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    agreed with otroo. get on the books, open some credit card accounts and build it up. I got a job and opened my first credit card last year and the credit unions already told me I can get an auto or home loan and in cali that's like $400,000
  4. Yeah you need credit, what is your job specifically?
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    look into secured credit cards and opening store credit cards to build credit if youve got credit is absolute shit at best and ive been reading up a little on rebuilding credit, steps ill probably take after i file for bankruptcy.

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