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  1. So Ive been lookin for a part time job for a while and been coming up empty. Well anyway I found some asst. track coach jobs and I applied. I feel certain I will get a shot at them since I have 2 years of collegiate track and cross country experience. Anyway I think they may drug test me or atleast i assume. Since Id been comin up empty I put down some tabs yesterday and got some decent weed. I havent smoked any of the weed but I did those pills last night. Ive only smoked twice in the past two weeks so Im thinkin about burnin right now. If I smoke toady do you think I could pass a dt in a few days IF I do get tested? Ive been poppin gnc niacin and shit and some thermo-pump pills that speed up you metabolic rate. So do you guys think If i only smoke a bowl today will I be alright? Thanks guys!!!! + rep to good answers.
  2. if ya havent found a job in awhile, then id just hold off. a couple days man.. just wait. why risk it? once ya get the job (if) ya can toke all ya want.
  3. Depends on your motabolism.. Pain pills if thats what you mean by tabs can be gone in 3-4 days with water... Weed you may need to sweet & drink alot of water Niacin is the SHIT yes i SAID ITS THE SHIT.. It works wonders, I your a heavy smoker it will take a while last time I got tested in 15 days I was clean but I drank about 3 gallons a day... With Niacin
  4. If you've been coming up dry on jobs and looking for awhile fuck risking it. Is a pot buzz worth a job?
  5. You guys are right. I dont need to risk it.
  6. ^they are all right
    I am also in the job hunting situation, I havent smoked for a month now, not really planning to anytime soon.:hello:

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