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  1. im torn between either building two growboxes. One for vegging and cloning , and one for flowering......orrr, building one box just for vegging and cloning and using my 33" wide 47" long 10' tall closet for flowering
    should i build the two boxes:confused:
    or the one, and use the closet:confused:
    and can anybody link me to reputable site where i can buy an air cooled 600 watt hps system:confused:
  2. i say one box for veg and clone and then the closet for flowering, just my opinion
  3. http://www.discount-hydro.com/productdisp.php?pid=273&refpid=248&navid=35

    They are a real reputable company that ships everywhere.. I have bought lots of stuff from them.. I haev that link going to a cool sun reflector just because I'm a biased user of them. They carry pretty much everything though..

    And it depends .. are you willing to cut holes in the ceiling of the closet? or have the door open all the time? cause yer gonna need ventilation... don't be decieved a small hole in the sheeetrock is SO easy to fix and you can't even tell it happened.. With the door open it would be kinda bright in there depending on what kinda light yer gonna use.. And given the dimmensions of yer closet if you were gonna use it I would probly make a box like twice that big and use it for flowering and use the smaller closet for vegging and cloning.. that way you'd have more room to flower.. more canopy = higher yeild..
  4. I recommend the Sunlight Supply Super Sun 2 reflector if you are going aircooled and want the best light footprint.
  5. i dont think i can build a ten foot tall box....
    how about using the closet space with a makeshift mylar drape type thing as apose to the door for the flowering room...and building a seperate box for vegging?
  6. I didn't mean a ten foot tall box.. it would only need to be about 6 ft tall I meant the other dimensions ie. canopy....
  7. oh ok =]
    so i would use the box for flowering and the closet for vegging huh?
  8. Flowering in the closet would limit your yeild because of canopy space.. in a box you could make the thing a 4x4 or even a 5x4 and just fill up the whole area maximizing your light usage and not wasting it... Not to mention you wouldn't even need a real ventilation sys in the closet if you just veged with some strong flouro's in there.. and you could use that aircooled 600 in the box and have the air vented through the light from outside the box so the heat would be totally dissipated.... that would be sweet... Even though my 600 on in my shed is making surprisingly small amount of heat.. But it's not in a box either that might make it warmer... your building your own boxes or what?
  9. yea i plan on it.......i just wanted to be totally sure and get some opinions before a do,
    so now i think im going to use the closet for vegging like you said, thats a good idea because i couldnt even vent the closet properly for a HPS due to the fact i have no door.
    And build myself a nice size box for flowering the babies
    thnx irie!

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