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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hotdog1976, May 25, 2010.

  1. I have some ten day old plants of diffirent strains
    there on no nutes and in r/w under a
    200 watt Eco light. 1 of the plants leaf have started yellow in.the only thing i can think off is I've had to close to light to start with.can 1 confirm this or have another thought thaks
  2. Your lamps probably to hot for them, are the leafs kinda dry and crusty? Move them away from the light a bit.
  3. It just yellow on the edge.I moved them many day would you expect to see the second set of leaves. Thanks. For the reply
  4. i would say u could just trim off the stressed leaves so they dont suck energy from the rest of the healthy ones, if theres a lot of burned area then it might be a gonner :(
  5. can you post pics just to be sure its only heat from your lamp, is it only on the top leaves? as clearly it wont be the light if its happerning from the bottom up lol

    how close have you been keeping your light? CFL's dont usually cause to many heat issues, hence you can place your plants within couple inches of CFL's(& 'need' place em close)
  6. They were about 5 inches away there now 8. The plants our only 7 days old still only 1 set of like they have frozen. There not been change much in a few days.
  7. Yellowing leaves can also be a sign of overwatering.

  8. Funny you say over water I have a few at the same stage.anyhow we had areally hot day the plant in question started to wilt until I feed it.could that be the reason maybe
  9. Get them at about 2 inches away. And what kinda pot is it in? Maybe its already root bound haha.
  10. Pots our big enough there 8 inch deep. 6 inch wide.I,ll move them closer and see what happens. Thanks bud

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