advice needed. OC plagues friendship

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  1. Pills, generally OC has trapped three of my good friends and I can tell they are past the point of addiction. Between the constant negative atmosphere and constantant intake of opiets, I dont see any reason to value our friendships. I have been out of Highschool for three years now and I need a different, more positive atmosphere. I just dont see how they are all so blind and cannot drink some brew and burn some herb and be happy. Any1 been in a similar situation, what should I do???
  2. Talk to them

    tell em you dont want them on OC when yall are chillen

    If they cant stick to weed and drank for a small portion of their week then fuck em find some new friends. OC is their new main homeboy
  3. Yeah man I hate that show the OC.
  4. epic fail

  5. Word.

  6. haha i think he was being sarcastic

  7. Dude my best friend who currently is in and out of jail for drugs and other related things has the same problem (oxys and heroin) and I told him that I cant be around that anymore b/c it is part of my past and I dont want it to be apart of my future and it will not be apart of my future. Then i told him that I want him to be part of my future cause hes my closest homie but I cant be around him if hes going to still be doing those things, If he wants my help with anything ill always be there for him but if hes not going to change he needs to be a part of my past also. Not permanently a part of my past but he cant be a part of my life until HE decides to change his life for the better, not to do it for me or our friendship. If that is motivation to keep himself clean than thats perfectly fine but if he still wants to do certain drugs but isnt for you thats not going to work because the second he gets mad at you about anything, he will go back to his drug of choice.

    Good luck and if you need anymore advice feel free to pm me, basically all my friends here are addicted to some form of coke, heroin, or pills which is why im moving away to start a new life. not something i want to do but its whats best for me right now
  8. Epic Fail.

  9. Well if there past the point of addiction it may be beyond the point of you being able to help them and maybe they need to see a professional but i know your boys are probably not down for that. You cant just tell people to quit something they love/ and or addicted to and expect them to do it.( even if it is fucked up like smoking/snorting/taking OC). How would you feel if someone told you to stop smoking weed, defensive right? I would be upfront and tell them your their for them and they need to change thier ways or they will lose a good friend to a fucking pill.

    hope my ramble helped
  10. wont stop til they fall.
  11. all i can say is this my friend. Life is short, pick your friends wisely.

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