Advice needed for CO2 regulation

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  1. I am trying out adding CO2 to my grow room for the first time. I currently have an AC unit venting out of the room and a carbon air filter that does not vent out but just is running 100% of the time and just blowing back into the room. If I am going to be adding CO2 to the room I know I need to have the AC unit be off during times when i am blowing CO2 into the room or it will vent out the CO2, but what about the carbon air filter? It does not vent out of the room just blows back into the room, will this hurt or harm the CO2 in any way?

    I found this calculator:
    CO2 Calculator - Greentrees Hydroponics

    and it says for my size room (800 cubic feet) that if i set the regulator to 4 CFH that it should fill my room in 15 minutes... does this sound right? My thinking is that I want to fill the room once every 2 or 3 hours and then just let the AC run for 30 minutes at the end of each cycle. So basically run the CO2 at 4 CFH for 15 minutes then let the room chill for 1:30 or 2:30 and then for the last 30 minutes run the AC then repeat. Sound good?

    I am especially curious about wether or not the carbon air filter will negatively affect the CO2 emission. Any advice about these questions or just general advice about CO2 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. I fill three times. Once at lights on. Then four hours and then four hours. The filter probably doesntnhave to be shut off. But what can it hurt to stick it on a timer. The ac is the same way. What needs to shut down is anything that is pulling air from the room and exhausting out. Window ac units only cycle outside air to the outside.
  3. Needa: u say you fill room 3 times.. How long do u let it "linger" in room before u turn ur exhaust fans back on? That's one thing I've yet to find and I've been lookin for the answer for hours!!! Thanks
  4. from what i have read, peeps let it linger for half an hour to an hour. i cut it in the middle and let it sit for 45 min. my filer doesnt exhaust outside anymore so i have been leaving it on non stop.
  5. Ahhh ok... So ur ac keeps room cool enough to where u need no exhaust... Makes sense, but how do u have intake air without an exhaust?
  6. my room is fully contained now that i built the light chillers. so my filter has a high velocity fan duct taped to it and it sits in the floor and blows the air out into the room. and just constantly recycles the same air.

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