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Advice from a seasoned toker

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ramones4d, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. First post in quite some time, thought this was an appropriate time to enter back into the grass city community. Let me say before I start that I am not promoting the product that I am about to tell you about, I would just like to share my story of how it has changed my life.

    Seasoned tokers, I have recently purchased the PAX portable vaporizer, and it is the most convenient, easy to use, incredible smoking tool on the market. For years I strongly attempted to vaporize as frequently as possible, but never got into the habit because my old school vapor brothers vaporizer w/ the glass whip was such a pain in the ass to clean and use. The old vape took several minutes to heat up, and the whip would break atleast once every few months.

    Now that I have had the pleasure of using the PAX for a couple of weeks, I have noticed a drastic improvement in my quality of life, ecspecially my respiratory health.

    If you constantly feel short of breath, or have any of the symptoms related to COPD, please look into vaporizing. It can make a drastic difference.

    I know this really should probably go in the "smoking tools" section, but the overall message that I'm trying to get across with this post is take care of yourself seasoned tokers. Years of smoking can lead to COPD, and vaporizing has been shown to be a much healthier and efficient option. If you have been considering taking the step that I took a few weeks ago, to purchase a vaporizer, I strongly reccomend the PAX.
  2. Vaporizing is the best way to go imo. There are many quality and popular ones to chose from, both desktops and portable units. There's a nice vaporization section here and is cool too, and totally devoted to vaping.

    Since I started vaping about two years ago I haven't stopped and don't smoke anymore at all.

  3. Very nice!! :smoking: what vaporizer do you use?
  4. i dunnoooo get a bong with 4 percs and it doesn't really hurt your lungs either
  5. #5 OneOfTheGoodOnes, Jan 5, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2013

    You're still pulling smoke into your lungs.

    Every Doc I've see, in the last seven years, has told me that using a vape or consuming eatables is fine BUT smoking Cannabis is not.

    Between you and me, I'm not about to argue with a group of people who have saved my life twice.

    Almost forgot. The Vape I have is "The KIA VaporizeR" and I highly recommend it.
  6. I switched to vaping about 7 or 8 months ago. Very happy! I still occasionally smoke when I'm out with others, but I'm vaping the majority of the time. When biking or at the gym, I no longer feel short of breath like I used to when smoking.

    There are many benefits to vaping, even beyond health benefits!
  7. I got the volcano digit and I love it, helps my asthma so much and I getting the pax for camping!!! So Excited to vape on the go, vaping rules!!!

  8. Thanks for the advice! How much did the PAX run you?
  9. Is the pax only for flowers? I want one for full melt hash. Thinking of getting an essential vape. I'm currently using a highly educated ti pad for bho. I feel like the wax is backing up in my lungs. (Wheezes and short of breath).

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