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  1. Ok so I got one E-Tab left and I want the most epic environment to use it in. I dont wanna just randomly hit it and do something because its the last Im gonna be able to find till Bonnaroo. So please gimme some great ideas as to how to roll out with style :cool:

    Im considering doing it when I go to play lazer tag with some friends cause they only play house, trance, techno, and really legit music. Plus its all different colored neon stuff its reall cool. But Im not sure :/ I need some advice GC!
  2. now i know ur talking about ecstasy, but by "E-tab" you dont mean to say that there is actually a large "E" for the press right? if so, then u just scored and excedrin my friend.

    but if u know your shit and its legit, the lazer tag sounds pretty fun actually.
  3. Its not a tab its from a batch of Pink Monkies I picked up. I gave most of um away (free of couse, gotta spread the love) and this is my only one left so I kind of wanna have an nice story ending. Its just a normal roll round pill with an inpress monkey print on the front. As far as my friends told me they hit for like a few hours. My friend who did it for the first time ran up and hugged me the next time I saw him lol

    So im just lookin for some interesting and nice ideas.
  4. lazer tag would be fun, but youd probably be rolling a lot longer than a game or two of lazer tag would go for.

    what about snowboarding? idk if you do or not though, but thatd be one hell of a time while rolling
  5. Well Id go for it lol but Im in Florida. I got the idea of goin to the gulf and just walkin the beach with my iPod till I get tired and then get a ride to see a band or something. But Im hesitant to do that cause I might think swimming is a good idea when its not.

    Im prolly gonna be alone doing this unless one of my friends saved a pill I gave um so it needs to be semi safe :/ Unless I do lazer tag then Ill be with a big group lol
  6. ok well, if you decide to stay indoors and nix the lazer tag, id say load yourself up on some good music (electronic of course, i recomend Rusko, Pretty Lights [ , all albums free]) also get some herb for the roll, always a great combo.

    other than good music and green, get some toys (glowsticks, LED toys etc). shit, while you're at it go all out and get some vicks vaporub or the vicks inhaler, they give off an amazing sensation while rolling.
  7. Awesome dude thanks :D thats what I think I might do is shut all the lights out and just set up these really cool lights I have and just run my playlist off my computer. The vix is a good idea too :] I have some. +rep
  8. yea man that sounds good, u should try some purell hand sanitizer when ur rolling its awesome. dont forget the visualizer with the playlist
  9. Definitly :D thats why I said my computer instead of my home system. That shits amazing high I cant even begin to imagine it rollin
  10. Go to a rave:eek:
  11. Been there, done that, threw one :] None goin down right now. Just the clubs
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    i know what you mean. raves are fun as fuck but after attending so many, they (like MDMA itself) can loose its magic so to speak. i can honestly say ive had more fun rolling at home with my buddies talking, sharing and listening to music till dawn than at shows.

    good times. :D
  13. You can do what im about to do. A couple I now invited me over to roll tonight. Were gonna have a nice little three way. Sex is always good
  14. try golfing. could be pretty epic.

    bring some jays and brewskies for the trip
  15. Well if you live near orlando i would check this party out
  16. :laughing:

    I remember this kid from my town came around with a bunch of Excedrin and brown sugar and said he had E and heroin. One of my douchebag ex friends tried the excedrin and said he was tripping balls off it. Then the kid with the fake shit comes through the door with this large ass sack of brown sugar and a little baggy of Excedrin. Man.. I never laughed so fuckin hard in my life.
  17. Lol thats excellent
  18. you live near disney?
  19. 400 miles away but imma b in gainsville in 2 weeks
  20. i've never rolled before but it seems like it'd be awesome to go on a roller coaster. though the long wait in line would probably suck.

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