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advice for getting busted in a country with draconian laws

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pandajoint, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. if there machine didnt find anything in the first place you are probably good man. like you said its been three weeks and all of you guys seemed to pass their first test and if you are taking three week breaks you probably dont smoke often enough to worry about pissing dirty bro. THINK YOU MIGHT BE GOOD
  2. Where do you live at? Not like you can get much more fucked anyway.
  3. Dude, I hope everything works out well for you.

    Those are some fucking shitty ass laws, that should have never been created :(

  4. well they caught my dealer, went through his phone and questioned him i guess and thats how they singled me and my buddies out.

    thanks so much guys.. hope my piss is clean. we smoke on average, about once a week, and not alot too, (helps keep all our tolerance low, cause weed is just so fucking expensive here....) hope hope hope my piss is clean.
  5. Yeah man, that shit sounds crazy. But like most said, you should be fine. But you never know.

    Your laws seem pretty extreme. I wouldn't even be smoking with those type of laws.

    Good luck though man.
  6. good fuckin luck bro, if you are going to get hung we'll put together a gang and storm troop through singapore and save your ass!!
  7. haha yeah... pretty reckless. im twenty. been toking for a while, on and off.... pretty obvious i should stop completely huh?

    im just pretty bummed, cause there goes my credibility, if i ever find myself in the position where i can lobby for decriminalization here, or even put it out there, it'll look like im just trying to excuse my past mistakes. but whatever. im prolly just dreaming too much. hahaha

  8. hahahahaha!!! im not gettin hung my man... but wow, stoned stormtroopers. sounds like the perfect way to spend halloween. lol
  9. I think I saw you made a thread about something like this before, you were in brunei or something I think. As far as laws go, not much you can do other than not get caught or hire an expensive lawyer.
  10. yeah... that was me. :) i made that thread when i found out my dealer first got caught. a week and a half later, i got caught... and.... put up this thread. lol.

    Answer plz :)
  12. #52 pandajoint, Aug 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2011
    south east asian country. our laws are pretty much all really harsh when it comes to weed.
  13. With laws that strict I wouldn't even smoke weed lol.
  14. yeah... i just got carried away :/
  15. If i have no rights then i have no laws to follow. Go buy a gun
  16. Well where ever you live, I will not be coming there anytime soon.
  17. haha. don't. they hate us.
  18. they? :smoke:
  19. can you tell me where this place is when they fucking hang people for smoking pot.?
  20. cause if there is such place why the fuck would you smoke pot in the first place?

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