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advice for getting busted in a country with draconian laws

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pandajoint, Aug 1, 2011.

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    yeah. either my dealer who got busted ratted me and my friends out out (which i highly doubt, cause he's a good friend) or they just went through all our texts and put the pieces together.

    the laws in my country are super harsh. we cant get charged though if our piss tests turn out negative, which they were the night we got caught, but the cops (well, our DEA) think their machine was faulty, and sent our piss to a lab for further 'testing.' our fate lies in those results.

    we last smoked at least three weeks before getting caught and tested. does anyone know if they'd be able to detect anything? we'll be facing some serious shit here if they do find anything in our piss.

    super bummed. our "DEA" is currently coming down hard on dealers (couple other dealers i know got caught recently as well.) the laws here are extremely draconian, there are absolutely no pot activists here, no one seems to give a shit about the fact that they lump our herb together with all the other nasty shit people take. it's retarded. you can get hanged for possessing too much pot, but not LSD. my friends and i are facing the same shit that people hooked on crack and ecstasy have to face.

    dealing with the fact that i very well should not/would not be able to smoke again given the severe consequences of getting caught here. its a major bummer. any advice from older tokers/more experienced ones?

    just really bummed and thought i'd turn to the folks at GC.

  2. Where exactly do you live? You guys should consider moving.
  3. make it sound like you're about to get beheaded for pot?
  4. @tropical goo

    haha, well, yeah you can get hanged. :/
  5. Should move out of the middle east then. Dirty place.
  6. @Mogwai

    mogwai is one of my favourite bands by the way. heh. i'd like to move, and i'd definitely move if and when i get the opportunity to.

    i'm just really anxious for those test results. hope someone could tell me if it's possible if they can find any traces in our piss even after three weeks?

  7. hahaha. not in the middle east my man. :/ in asia though. im super paranoid right now.
  8. After three weeks there is very little THC in your piss. I think you should be good
  9. I wouldnt even consider smoking with those laws.

  10. thanks james. won't be smoking anymore. unless i move in the future, sometime. such a bummer.
  11. yea i think IMO u should be ok wit 3 weeks

    i passed a test smoking 4 days b4 ..

    but holy shit at wen that blade said
    your acting like u can get beheaded

    and u said can get hanged

    WTFFFFFFFFF blew my mind over weed
  12. It depends on too many things as too how much was in your system. Three weeks is right on the edge for me. Body weight, activity level, metabolism, frequency of smoking before quitting, and strain normally smoked will all effect the amount of time it takes to clean out.

    For me, I am a small guy and at the time had an average build. I smoked every day, usually mids or regs at about 1/4 oz per week. From cold turkey it took 21 days to get completely clean. A relative of mine with slightly more fat and less active lifestyle took 28.

    Ive read stories though of people testing dirty well over a month after quitting.
  13. here is some advice for what just happened. DONT MAKE CREASUNTS HIGH i was just taking off the rapper and all of a sudden the fucking can blows up! was fucked up.

  14. this scares me a lot. I hear different things from people, some say it can take 7-14 days to clear, others say more, though some guys say it only takes like four days. seems that it depends on quite a lot of stuff.

    I've got pretty high metabolism, super skinny/ small build, and I sweat alot when I go dirt biking on Sundays. does that help?
  15. move, get a good lawyer. especially if you're going to get hanged... for weed..
  16. @James haha I don't think I'll even be getting high anymore. but thanks man hahaha I'll keep that in mind if I ever find myself in that situation. lol

  17. Low body fat can help, but the bi products will also be stored in organ fat as well. Sweating doesn't burn a lot of fat in itself. Cardio work is the best way to burn fat from my experience. Anything that gets your heart rate up and keeps it there for a bit. However, depending on who you ask some will say that too much exercise too quickly will cause your body to actually try to store the fat. It is a natural defense mechanism when your body senses that you are burning way more energy than you are taking in, it tries to store the fat as a way of keeping you from starving to death.
  18. I'll find out my fate in two weeks. ... till then, I'm trying to find out as much as I can about clean piss. heh.
  19. Here's how I look at it;

    If it can kill me, I won't do it.

    In your case, it CAN kill you.

    Summary; fuck that shitttt.
  20. From an uneducated point of view (never been one for finding out about DT, never heard of anyone needing them here), I would imagine that rigorous excercise and plenty of water would certainly help. Its all about getting rid of the cannabinoids trapped in various bodily fats, so that would seem a good idea; especially if you don't want to go down the route of DT drinks and the like...

    IDK, good luck Panda...

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