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  1. ok so im going to build a hood for my hps, i cant spend any more $, so bare w/ me. i got the hood put together, but its black inside, so to get the most refectivity from it should i: paint the inside with white enamel ceramic heat resisant paint, use foil, use foil tape, or use mylar, or a combo: eg: line it with foil or foil tape & then paint it, b/c the foil gives the paint a more metal like shine to it.
  2. If you got a old computer case like the tower models. Its the top of the case and you alwayz take it off when workin on them lol. It has 3 sides flatten it out, or just bend it how you want it. Free if you got a case. It would work for any HPS

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  3. ^^^ that's a great idea! +rep
  4. wanted to show the cheap way on building a hood, for newbies or what cases work great.
  5. That is awesome :D
  6. Great idea :D
  7. it is a excellent idea yes but to my dissapointment i just got rid of about 5 pc,s lol arrrrgghhhh..... a idea that i had tho for normal flourescents is the inside of stella cans but cut open and made to sit above the flouroscents inside out :cool:but not too sure if thats goin to be reflective enough lol:D

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