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  1. hi, no I'm not some noob, I know what I'm looking for, however, I can't find links to any companies for price references or overviews. Basically i'm looking for a new bong. Specifically a diffuser bong. Now I use the biohazard double tree diffuser her eon GC as a standard.

    But going to my local headshop, they had a pyrex bond, double tree but instead of for diffusers per tree, it had 10, totally awesome, but I need a link or something to look at it online if I can. The company was pyrex.

    The 2nd was American glass or something like that. It was another diffuser style, qulaity work, but I sure as hell can't find a website, anyone got links, pics experience.

    My eye is on the pyrex double tree, it's like a cobolt blue see through, but the area around the tree's and the tree's themselves are clear.
  2. Never heard of those brands. I know of phx, and US tubes.. Is that similar to what you saw? if not, sorry dude. I know of sites and stuff. pm me.
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    JAJAJA u sure ur not a noob? i dont wanna be a dick but you surely sound like you are...every single word of your post sounds noobish...if you're not a noob and using a cheap china bong like the biohazard as a standard i feel bad for 2 the constructive structure of my reply:
    i doubt the company was pyrex maybe advertised as pyrex glass...
    as for the other one most likely American made glass abreviated as AMG

  4. I was thinking the same thing about the noob part.But sometimes china glass is all you can get.I got a double Tree perc China glass bong (I'm poor) but I'm not a complete noob

  5. aint nothing wrong with china i got it myself and love it, but all what i said was he was sayin he aint a noob, but read his post and uh... jaja and about china i also said if he was using it as a "standard" i feel bad for him
  6. pyrex is a type of glass
  7. Pyrex is a brand of borosilicate glass.
  8. But anyways, Biohazard is the standard that I'd like to progress from, but no I don't own a biohazard. And why would I want one, I could get a zob for just as much and have more diffusers. But I've been using a diffuser ash catcher witha bong and just a bowl. I don't need totally expensive glass I just am in the market for one that's not going to break and isn't lacking diffusers and not china glass.

  9. let me pm u homie
  10. Tight thanks man, looks like some of the glass I was looking at in the shop, diggin it.

  11. dope dope, im almost sure better prices 2, all that stuff is quality shit and trustful company ive ordered from them myself located here in Cali, so no customs 2 deal with
  12. Everyone was a noob at some point let me help you out.

    You can just call it a ashcatcher (most ac are diffused)
    The trees are called percs (perculator) there are different kinds of percs
    The downstem is called a diffuser or diffused downstem there are different kinds of downstems

  13. Takes out notebook and pen..and listens intently. "I'm ready to be edumacated teach. start ya thing."

  14. A few basics.

    First, never get a tube taller then 18" because that's the standard tall tube and is actually quite large. Plus, any taller will just be harder to clean, store, and maintain.

    Next, avoid anything that's thinner then 5mm.

    If your getting a perc, DO NOT CHEAP OUT on one as a cheap/low quality perc will make your hits harsh and draggy and unenjoyable. And if your getting a GOOD QUALITY perc, you'll never need more then one.

    A diffused downstem should always be the first upgrade to any GonG bong.

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    Ah yea I hate customs, actually, I am cautious with customs, but I order things that are non herbal or glass related from the UK frequently so my name is out there in items that are normal. But that means little to nothing lol.

    (edit) Actually I just ordered a space case grinder from grasscity, I've been dealing with a cheap 1 inch micro diamond grinder/kief catcher that just doesn't cut it, so ordered a 2 inch titanium space case/catcher, should be nice.

    But thanks for the lingo advice,

    And as for the confusion on Pyrex, the shop owner said there was an actual company called Pyrex glass or something similar to it, don't quote me on the exact company name, but I'm not talking about just all pyrex bongs in general.

    But anyways anything on the pyrex pieces or American? I'm not sure on specific names of the companies or models of the pieces.

    As far as the pyrex(what the shop owner called it) I think it was 18 to 20 inches tall. A diffuser down stem(2 or 3 slits), Each tree/perc in the bong is a 3 slit type, 10 total stems on each tree. 2 tree's. It looks similar to this biohazard, Just much better quality, thicker, and looks like more effort was put into making it.

    And in full honesty it is a gift for a friend, I intend to get a family member a Z.O.B. later down the road.

    But in all me saying not noob meant I'm familiar with tree perc's, diffuser types, ect, it's not like I'm walking on saying I want a bong and it had this thing in the middle that made it bubble :p

    But Any experience with the pyrex made pieces would be nice, from what the shop owner was saying they've been around, but are fairly new in the bong making industry and are getting into it.
  16. Yea man I have a Pyrex plate at home. Pyrex is just the glass, not anything smoke related.

    Honestly, that's 20" with TWO crappy tree percs is probably a piece of crap.
    Sorry if I'm being harsh but that's exactly the type of setup you should NOT get.

    More then one perc(and especialy on such a talk tube) almost always signifies that it's NOT a quality piece. Not many high end percs are made with more then one perc per tube.

    Like I said, only get a perc if it's from a quality, reputable brand. No more then one perc and no taller then 18" with at least 5mm thick glass
  17. ^^ I agree with NYCDeisel here. If your gonna spend the money, do it right and get good quality glass. as for the single chamber vs. double... its more typical for lower end glass, or rather, not high end glass to have 2 chambers. However, like i said its more typical, doesn't mean its always the case. Toro's circ/circ, which is 2 chambers, or their 7/13 or something, are some, if not THE best, they have in their brand. Sovereignty's peyote pillar is considered the holy grail or dream piece by many collectors and heady/high quality glass collectors. and that is a double perc as well.

    But those are really the exception to the rule that NYC has so diligently laid out for us. Thanks girl!
  18. GC has opened my eyes to the world of glass, just spend some time lurkin around here before u make a purchase, learn something before u jump into it. oh thanks GC ill make sure to spread the love an knowledge.

    Thinkin my next pickup is gonna be a sovereignty stemless, simplicity at its finest.

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