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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by gogreen215, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. New indoor setup in a basement. A square room that measures about 12 by 12 ft is being built specifically for flowering. The setup is more or less stadium style with 3 different levels running around the perimeter of the room. The entrance to the room will be obviously the side with no "bleachers". Walking into the room you would look at 3 levels of height on either side that are 1 foot wide and run 6ft, 8 ft, and 10 ft long (respectively from bottom to top row) to meet the 3 levels against the wall directly in front of you. The first level for all 3 sides of bleachers will be 14 inches off the ground. The second level will be 14 inches above the first level. The top level is 12 inches above the second. As stated before, the bleachers on either side of the entrance are 1 ft wide and run along the sides to the set of bleachers directly in front of the entrance, leaving, respectively, 6, 8, and 10 sq ft on each row. Each of the levels on the main set of bleachers is 2 ft wide and runs, respectively from bottom to top, 6, 8, and 10 ft long to meet the side set of bleachers. This leaves a 2 sq ft area on each of these rows. In total, the 144 sq ft room has bleachers that could hold 108 sq ft with a 6 by 6 ft square area of space in front of the door. The lighting in the room will be supplied by 2 or 3 1K HPS lights that hang down vertically from the ceiling to utilize the full range of the bulbs. As of now, we are constructing an Ebb N Flow hydro system with a 20 gallon reservoir below the bleachers equipped with a water filter and a strong pump. Black garden hosing is being used and will connect to a timer to release water appropriately to the pants which will be contained upon black planting trays, situated with hosing at a certain level for drainage back into the reservoir. We will have a hygrometer/thermometer to determine and adjust to the levels accordingly. Ventilation will be maintained by 2 fans above the center bleachers pulling air out and directing air in from outside, as well as an oscillating fan in the center of a room to help with circulation.

    As for number of plants, we are most likely doing 1 per 2 sq ft (about 50 plants) to test the system and see how everything turns out. We've ordered feminised seeds from several different reliable strains and will germinate those in about a week when they arrive and we finish the separate veg room.

    I know I'm forgetting details so please remind and question me over anything I'm missing. This will be my first real grow of this level so everything's somewhat new to me and I'm sure I will make mistakes. Please let me know any advice, any problems, and any suggestions you may have! Pictures to come soon!

    (PS- Please excuse the poor quality of the attached picture and design, I began this post before I realized that I had none of my sketches/floor plans on me so I drew this one fast as an outline)

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