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  1. Hey guys, I've been struggling with something mostly this summer. I'm going into my senior year of college and I'm a biomedical engineering major. I tried to get a summer job at a research lab but I started looking rather late and it never really worked out, so I decided to take 3 summer classes instead. The thing is it's been difficult keeping up with my classes. I have no idea why but my motivation seems pretty much shot. I just don't feel like I want to work at all on my class work and can't focus on it no matter how hard I try. I'm not sure why I'm so unmotivated all of a sudden. It really started happening during the Spring semester and seems to have carried over til now. Am I just burnt out? I've thought about dropping one of the classes (if I drop before Friday then I don't have to pay any fee) thus lowering my course load down to 2 summer classes.
    The thing is, I also feel kind of like a bum for not getting a job for this summer. I'm also entering my senior year and a lot of other students have done internships or minor lab volunteering-type jobs and I really haven't. I just feel sort of overwhelmed, despite the fact that I consider myself a very intelligent, good student (around 3.4-3.5 gpa). Sorry if I'm rambling but it feels good to vent. I just feel very lost right now. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? I could really use some good advice right now.

  2. You know they say weed can lower motivation.  Are you smoking weed a lot? If so maybe you should re-think how much you're smoking.  Otherwise it's gotta come from within.  In order to be motivated you gotta be exactly that...motivated.  A job in the future, graduation, money.  We all gotta find motivations to become motivated.  It's gotta be real I guess for you to truly be motivated.
    Whenever I have weed I usually smoke just about every night before I go to bed. I don't really see it being a huge factor in my lack of motivation for me. I wish I could pinpoint why it is that my motivation is lacking lately. It's what I've been thinking about pretty much all day lol.
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    If you are smoking weed and are still able to purchase it either stop or use weed as a reward system.
    I can't smoke a bowl unless I finish my first draft of my senior thesis by wednesday some shit like that you know?
    I had the same problem my senior year and I toughed it out and things seem to be going alright. I did my first interview and I feel great lately I have been smoking a lot less weed though. Use it as treat is my suggestion to sum it up.
  5. Maybe you just don't enjoy classes and would rather be doing something else with your time?

    You mentioned you might drop a class. Why not just drop all three and enjoy yourself right now and then maybe work on getting those classes done and getting your degree.
  6. ^in the fall. Lol
  7. I need to take at least 2 classes this summer in order to stay on track and graduate by next spring. I think part of the stress and lack of motivation I'm feeling stems from a family vacation that I just got back from. I was gone for the first week of 2 of my classes. One of the classes I'm completely caught up on but the other one I'm pretty far behind. I'm thinking of dropping the one I'm behind on. That might make things less stressful for me. These summer classes go by pretty fast considering they try to fit in a whole normal semester's worth of info into an 8 week summer period. Dropping the one I'm behind on might be the answer for me right now I suppose.
  8. Ya man good luck in whatever you decide. I know stress is a bitch, and I feel like the 'pace' of life picks up in the heat of the summer. So just good luck lol
  9. Thanks dude, I appreciate the advice!

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