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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by pohsib, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. next summer, i want to grow a 2 or 3 sativa plants at my grandmothers land (over 300 acres) in the southeast united states. i live 5 hours away. the most i would get to go see grandmother and my plants would me once a month. could i dig a hole a few feet into the ground and fill it with wormcastings, potting soil, perlite, etc... would this work? i thought about putting a few dead fish. what other organic could i put in. any advice on how to do this would be appreciated. oh, i am not worried about someone coming on them...out far from everyone.
  2. by all means plant outside....but not till next year........soon it will be harvesting time......not planting.............plant when the last signs of frost have past...........Peace out........Sid
  3. yeah, i am planning on doing this next summer...
  4. If you put the dead fish in the hole, your bud will tatse like dead fish, seriously. Dead fish will bring in rodents and critters that will dig the seeds/plants up to eat the fish.

    Try osmocote time release fertilizer, or if you get by once a month just fertilize then. That's all they really need. The worst thing that could hppen, besides getting caught or deer eating them, would be not ctaching your male plants in time and having some pollination occur producing seeds in your final bud
  5. kool...what sativa strain is really good?
  6. Skunk#1, has a good reputation, get good seeds from a reliable souce.......can't beat good genetics........Peace out.........Sid

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