Adventureland / Zombieland?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by IvGotMilk, May 16, 2010.

  1. Whats the deal with them.

    I mean is Zombieland a sequel to Adventureland or what? I know it's the same actor in the movies.

    They both came out at same time too.

  2. have you seen either?

    nothing to do with each other. and they did not come out at the same time, just kind of close.
  3. Oh, my bad.

    Yeah, I've seen Adventureland a few hundred times but never ZombieLand
  4. Yeah they are in no way related

    Brilliant movies tho, the both of them
  5. Nope, just a couple lucky actors. Zombieland was great though, seen it a few times only saw Adventureland once though so I don't remember it too well.
  6. lol they arent similar at all

    except for that curly headed dude
  7. They are not the same, mostly because Adventureland sucked balls (in my opinion) and Zombieland was pretty good
  8. both are ok, not as funny as i thought.
  9. lol, yea they came out about 6-8 months apart.

    Adventureland= modern comical teenflick for the "loser" or "individualistic" crowd.

    Zombieland= a comical satire focusing on the recent trend of zombie obession and the exuberant world of comic books.

    both are funny, but the funny thing is that Zombieland won't have you gagging like Adventureland will.
  10. kind of the same. the guy tries to get a girl in both.

    after that there different. because there are zombies in zombie land. and carnival in adventure land.
  11. lol
    I've seen Adventureland over 50 times over the past few months.
    I get high and can't be bothered getting a DVD so just stick on my Ps3 and it's at the top of the list :smoking:
  12. adventureland was horrible. totally misleading though it was gonna be a comedy turned out to be some shitty romance movie

    zombieland on the other hand was funny. its like left 4 dead the movie
  13. naw its nota sequel =] altho i have never seen adventure land zombie land was complelty amazing (and emma stone was fucking hotttt!!!)

    mabey this will clear some stuff up =] [ame=]YouTube - Emma Stone & Jesse Eisenberg: Current Takeover[/ame] its like 0:00-7:00 into it an jesse answers it

    hoped this helped and for the guy who said he hasnt seen zombieland yet RENT IT MAN IT IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER (IT IS EVEN BETTER SLIGHTLY BUZZED ON WEED):wave::hello::smoke:
  14. Adventureland was the worst movie I saw the year it came out. It was terrible. You can't have a movie where every character is quirky.

    Zombieland however was great and one of the better movies of its year. (Ranks above Avatar for me along with Inglorious Basterds, and District 9)
  15. finaly somone who isnt completly crazy!!!! avatar wasnt even closed to as good as zombieland or district 9 but then agian nothin came close to zombieland
  16. Quirky that means "far-out: informal terms; strikingly unconventional ". Sorry I know the word I just had no idea what the official deffinition was. I dunno why I posted that :smoking:
    You know the fucked up thing is I actually have Zombieland downloaded in HD but I need a code to get it to my USB cuz it's on someone else's comp :/ bummmmmmerr... it's going straight onto my ps3 when i get it :D
  17. P.s. Emma stone would get it. More than twice. All night long baby

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