Advanced platinum led p150

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  1. In my never ending quest to find a led to veg in a 3x3 I've come across these leds. They look beautiful and the info sounds good but I did some Google searches and read some old forum posts, they dont come across so good in the reviews. But I'm not looking to flower with it just veg. And it's max 87w which good! Anyone use it? It's £200 on Amazon atm. That being said the Mars 2 400 is on sale at £155. Both claim to replace 250w Hps. Again not looking to flower, just veg up to 6 week plants. I got a few more days to decide then I'm ordering something lol!

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. I have 2 mars hydro 300 I bought off Amazon, pretty decent Price and they seem to work just fine. I am deff gonna buy more when I have the money

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  3. Viparspectra 450 £120 on Amazon... Hmm decisions decisions
  4. I picked up a mars hydrow 1200w on ebay for 200 quid. It vegs in a 3x3 perfect. Also flowers well too.
  5. I don't really want anything over 2/250 W to run. The timber and Cree have dimmers and look superior, but I'm yet to hear back on how much I'd be charged delivery. Mars and vipar are cheap but shuld do the job fine. The p150 I'd love to hear if someone had because it says can veg 3x3 and its 86w max.

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