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  1. I used AN for my first grow, and I was happy with the results. Their products are, however, very expensive. So I started shopping around on ebay, and found a seller there that sells what they claim are AN's products (ebay seller advancednutrientsusa) at a price which is lower then AN's own website for the exact same products in the exact same quantity. So I call AN's support line to try to figure out if the other company is legit. Now, the folks there couldn't help me very much. All they could tell me is that the ebay seller is not an affiliated company, but they couldn't explain whether or not they were selling AN's products at a cut-rate price.

    Have any of you had experience with the ebay seller, and can you offer any explanation upon the ponderous question at hand?
  2. He either bought them and never used them, or he stole them. Either way he just needs some cash. Sounds like a good deal.

  3. Oh, no. This is a business that's been on ebay for couple of years. So the only possible explanations in my mind are: 1) they buy wholesale at deeply discounted prices because they buy in volume; that way they can resell at a retail price which is below even the producer's retail price and still make money (why Advanced Nutrients would allow itself to be undercut this way is the mystery, and smells of multi-tiered pricing where they sell the exact same products to different target markets at different price points), or 2) the ebay company is selling bogus products and marketing itself as the real McCoy.

    Perhaps I'm just paranoid, and it is completely legitimate somehow, but I'm naturally worried about getting ripped off. So I'm looking for assurances from the ebay company regarding their legitimacy, or from a few members of the grasscity community who have experience with their products. :wave:
  4. I would be really skeptical of that eBay store.

    But regarding what you're saying about AN selling at different price that's not evil, it's just logistics. Manufacturers like AN have their facilities designed toward shipping large orders to stores. The bigger the order, the lower the cost to them to send it.

    I heard that a couple years back the guys that started Amerinada actually worked for Advanced Nutrients and that they were fired because they ordered a couple million dollars worth of nutrients and then stole them and the contacts to build their ballasts. So if that eBay store is them, the nutes are really freakin' old.

    Whatever the case, I wouldn't trust the nutes... that big a discount smells like some kind of cheat.

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