Advanced Nutrients Vs General Hydroponics

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  1. Alright.
    There are many many threads that argue the difference between the two lines of nutrients.

    Let's compare this bit of information I pulled from some other thread:

    GH Micro: 5-0-1 5%CaGH Bloom: 0-5-4 1.5%MgThe calculated minimum profile from the 6/8 Lucas Formula: 80ppm - 46ppm - 71ppm Calcium: 80ppm, Magnesium: 32ppmThe Micro is $10.95/qt before shipping at 6ml per gallon, with 946ml in the quart, that is 157.66 gallons of solution for a price of $0.069 per gallon.The Bloom is $8.95/qt before shipping at igrowhydro.comAt 8ml per gallon, with 946ml in the quart, that is 118.25 gallons of solution for a price of $0.076 per gallon.The total price of the Lucas Formula is $0.145 per gallon.AN Micro: 5.3-0-1.4 5.4% CalciumAN Bloom: 0-6.8-5 1.2% MagnesiumThe mixture should be 6ml Micro 6ml Bloom for a minimum calculated nutrient profile of: 84ppm - 47ppm - 66ppm Calcium: 86ppm Magnesium: 19ppm The Micro is $14.95 per liter at 6ml per gallon, and 1000ml per Liter, that is 166.67 gallons of solution for a price of $0.09 per gallon.The Bloom is $11.95 per liter at igrowhydro.comAt 6ml per gallon, and 1000ml per Liter, that is 166.67 gallons of solution for a price of $0.072 per gallonThe total price of AN to mimic the Lucas formula (you'd want 1/8tsp per gallon of Epsom Salt too) is $0.162 per gallon.The price difference is $0.017 per gallon. 
    There really is not that much of a difference between the two lines of nutrients as far as price is concerned.
    What about results?
    People claim that they get equal results from General Hydro as Advanced Nutrients.

    Personally I haven't ran either and was working with Cutting Edge Solutions three part mix. I've also done some compost tea out of batguano, fox farms etc.. But I'm trying out advanced nutrients sensi bloom 2 part solution. I've just read so much about the two that it makes my decision a 5050 proposition. Lol. So...
    I'm using Sensi Bloom 2 Part Line A & B (perfect PH) with General Hydroponic KoolBloom formula.
    The only other additive I use is CalMag.
    The grow is still going but it's looking mighty sexy.

    What about other opinions on either line or various mixes people used and had success with?
    Thanks for replies. Hope to get some good conversation going here.
    Quite a controversial topic already lol.

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  2. I don't think the difference matter that much, if at all. The plant takes the amount of nutes it wants. You just make them available, and I'm sure they both do a sufficient job at that. It's just up to you not to give too much and burn them.
    I use General Hydro for Hydroponics and Fox Farms for soil. I do this because I feel safe with large companies that have been around so long. They have the experience and a reputation to uphold. I also don't mix and match brands for additives. I use the fox farms three additives for flowering in soil, and I use most of the general hydro additives for Hydro. 
    I also add a half tsp of calmag, and a half tsp of Sea Mag to my RO water first. I used to just add callmag but I still had some small signs of leave tip burn. I always thought that was a ph problem but i couldn't get it to go away then after two years i started using Sea Mag and it was gone.
    I believe CalMag doesn't have enough Magnesium. It's mostly Calcium.
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    I don't agree with this:
    It should make a difference as each line of nutrients use different types of enzymes to help break down the nutrients that become readily available for the plant to intake...
    Different types of humics as well to help break down and dissolve the salts.

    Why don't you mix various brand names together?
    Some differences such as Plant-Amp(Advanced Nutrients) versus KoolBloom (General Hydroponics) are meant for different phases of flowering. Plant Amp is meant to be used week 2 to week 5 in flowering while KoolBloom is meant to give the bud/fruit the last bit of umph in the final three weeks of flowering.
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    I do believe organic fertilizers are probably significantly different, but Hydro is just NPK, and micro nute's, thats it.
    Maybe i'm wrong.
    I guess I'm just a non believer when it comes to all these additives. I do use them though since I don't want to take a chance, but as far as i can tell General Hydro and Fox farms have more then enough additives for all phases. Anything more then that then I guess i'm just a non believer.
    One thing is for sure. It takes experience with each brand, and everything else you do or add to really get it just right. That's why I don't change anymore. I'm tired of experimenting and I finally get awesome and predictable results.
    Good luck
    Thank you for the reply, bro. Everyone has their ways :p
    What about other folks? :)

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