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    Im using advanced nutrients sensi grow and bloom im going to switch to bloom in a day or two wanted to see if some one could help me out with a feeding chart and i wanted to know if some of the nutrients do the same thing and if so what one was better i looked on advanced site and its really crapy and does not have all the info i need im using soil base
    Sensi Bloom A&B
    Big Bud
    Bud Candy
    Bud Blood
    Final Phase
    Bush Master
    Cha Ching
    Bat GuanO Mexican
    and i mite pick up some
    Rhino Skin
    Bud Ignitor
    VooDoo Juice
    if you think i should add something or not use something all input welcome thank you ​

  2. Follow their nutrient calculator. The hobbiest level usually includes the voodoo juice, the big bud, the B52, and the overdrive. You don't need any of these things but you have access to the instructions online if you do. The two part sensi bloom is all that is required.
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    I don't know what kind of res your in but we can use a 5gallon for example. I would use 60ml of Sensi Bloom A & B weeks 1-7 then in week 1 add 30ml bud candy 30ml big bud and use Bud Blood at recommended dosage (have never used bud blood before) I would also add 30ml rhino skin & bud ignitor (again I have never used this) continue that same feeding every other watering from weeks 1-3 in bloom then at week 4 mix 60ml sensi bloom A & B then add 30 ml bud candy 30ml big bud 30ml nirvana 30ml bud ignitor and add bush master @5ml per 5 gallon. @week5-6 mix 60ml sensi a&b 30ml overdrive 30ml cha ching 30ml bud candy @week7 run 60ml sensi A&B andb 30ml final phase and then 30ml bud candy and week 8 flush pure water and you should have some chronic honestly you have way to many nutes and thats just a possible setup if you have strong plants they can take that high ppm but weaker strains will burn and you might have to drop form 30ml to 20ml per 5 gallon bucket. If you wanna to know more about advanced nutrients or see some results first hand check out some of my greenhouse light depo:hello::smoke: I have a pretty legit advanced nutrients feeding schedule
  4. If you don't understand what's on the website and don't know which of these are duplicates, you do not want to be using 90% of this stuff. Keep it simple til you learn what you're doing.

    The AN nutrient calculator looks pretty simple to me. The first menu you pick Sensi 2 Part since that's what you're planning to use for flowering. (You'd pick Sensi Grow to look up the grow feed chart).

    The next menu you pick which Grower Level you want to use. If you have questions about which to pick the answer is "Hobbyist". Don't argue, just pick the simplest one. It is infinitely better to use fewer things if you're not familiar with them.

    The last menus are pretty simple... Reservoir Size and Metric/Imperial measurements. You can even click back and forth between the measurements if you want to measure out your water in gallons but your nutes in mL. You'd just set it to Imperial, enter the number of gallons in your reservoir into the calculator, then switch it back to Metric to see how many mL to use for that size of res.

    That said, err on the side of underfeeding. I would start at half strength and work my way up gradually to ensure I don't burn my plants.

    Some people like to hate on Advanced Nutrients, but I like them and I do recommend them for new growers especially since their pH Perfect nutrients came out. It's hard to screw them up and in my experience the Hobbyist level is so rock solid that I'm pretty sure I could train my cat to use it if she had thumbs. I can't remember the last time I checked pH or ppm.
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    I couldn't agree with you more about your feelings on AN it's just so simple and so easy and the results are amazing I honestly feel that every grower should be using it. I recommend it to everyone on this forum and everyone of my buddies that grows. Got them all turned out on Advanced Nurtients. I just like AN because the first cycle I used AN the result for me were out of this world quality and my yield was almost double.

    after I showed my 70 year old landlord the results from my light depo greenhouse he switched his entire greenhouse crop from mainly organics and minor GH additives to full Advance Line just like mine lol and he is 70 years old been growing for 40 years all organics seen one crop with AN and was like show me how to use that shit

    The pH perfect is amazing at full strength my pH sits around 6.2 with high ppm feeding pH fluctuates slightly and dips a little lower to around 5.7-5.9 which is still lovely my soil likes 6.2-6.3 I notice better results at that level. The only complaint I have about pH perfect is that in my DWC hydro as water dissipates from my 5 gallon res. my buckets still tend to have higher ppm of nutrients causing my pH to dip over a week period if I do not adjust my pH it dips to as low as 5.2-5.3 with about 2 gallon of water or less in the res. I add more water and the pH is again perfect. The AN products don't self regulate the pH they just have pH down incorporated already and the presents of AN nutrients at full strength cause pH to sit at 5.5-6.5 its more like pH included not pH perfect lol...but I still love there Stuff...I dislike the new labels but maybe its just because I got hooked on the original labels and product.

    AN is pretty easy for new grower who are some what experienced with pH and ppm and how to use a nutrient solution but I think for brand brand new growers it can be slightly confusing. :hello::smoke:

    What strains do you grow? and what medium are you in?
  6. Yes! AN has done nothing but wonderful things for my grows. Well said.

  7. :hello::hello::smoke::wave::D

    Glad to find someone else on here that is a fan of AN alot of guys say it's a waste of money, but I feel growing with out AN is a waste of time!

    Which AN products do you use in your garden? I am excited to try out Nirvana this cycle in the greenhouse hoping for some great results. I also just started using the new AN Jungle Juice 3-Part and it has been great the last two weeks for me in veg right as I transition into bloom, In bloom I will be using the Sensi Bloom A & B instead of Jungle Juice the Jungle Juice is killer I highly recommend it for veg.

  8. Could not agree more. Way back used to use Foxfarms whole line up switched to AN and grows been in overdrive since then.

    I use Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow/Bloom, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Carboload, Cal Mag and Silica. Works like a charm in some cases unearthly sizes. Had some autos...I grow both auto and .8 gallon airpots got to 30 inches by 24 inches.

  9. You ever fuck with the Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur A & B? My buddy just started using it on his DWC he says nothing but good things about it so I am looking forward to his results and possibly using it next cycle

  10. I think its somewhat similar to Sensi Bloom just perhaps better. I have a 4 liter bottle of Sensi Grow and Bloom so have to use that up first!

    I hear great things about that as well.

    I think for myself other then perhaps getting Connisseur when my Sensi Bloom is out I will stick to my current regiment. Seems to work.
  11. Yeah we run a pretty similar setup do you use powder or liquid big bud. I have always liked the liquid but I have been getting better yield with the powder the last cycle. I might try the conni out instead of the sensi but I love the sensi it's always been good to me I did try the jungle juice for a few weeks and that stuff produced great results as well.

  12. I have the Big Bud powder. Was going to go to the liquid once it was out dunno yet.

    This go around I have added Carboload to my line up. Got it as a freebie at a Hydro store a small 250ml bottle. I recently ordered a 1 liter bottle of it. I think its working. My plants are flowering fast if you check my journal out growing 3 OG Kush #18s and basically started end of July and now have 32 inch plants with bud all over.

    For Cal Mag and Silica I dont use AN but that could change in the future when there out.
  13. Nice info. Thanks for sharing this!
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    Here's my chart boss

    No clue what level grower you are but my advice is be somewhat experimental (keyword = somewhat), that's how you learn. I always juice, flush for each week, but I noticed variations from the chart to the bottle and decided to split between them.
    It has been successful for me, first half of flowering big bud, 2-3 weeks of second half overdrive. Research the stuff I use bcuzz instead of b52 and a couple others because it covers all of them, it's all preference (as bcuzz is not cheap either).

    I'd say number one thing to remember is just slowly weaning the plant off the nutrients at the end of flowering and just flushing out anything left in the last 2 weeks of flowering so you taste the lovely herb and not soil or chemicals.

    My bad if I'm telling you stuff you already know but hopefully the chart can help if I am, as it's simpler than others.

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  15. I like your feeding schedule looks very similar to mine, you are the only other person I have seen using barricade on here, which is nice to see. I was wondering why don't you use a sweetner? like maybe sweet leaf if you can find it or bud candy which is half carbo load. .
  16. Good question there.

    I also was wondering that. Bud Candy is the best.

    I wonder why you've been asking folks about Barricade. Is that still on the market? And if not, where are you getting it?

  17. They replaced that with Rhino Skin. If people are using it its from there existing stock if there buying it its whats left over.

    Bud Candy is good I use Carboload as well.
  18. I haven't seen Carboload around here in a while. I use Bud Candy without any other carbs. Works well for me.

    Great to hear what other folks are doing, though!

  19. If around here you mean in your local area. I find to be the cheapest place for nutes. Hydro stores are a rip off for the most part.

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