Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur 2-part Fertilizer

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  1. interesting........have to do a run with conn some day
  2. Damn, I could write the exact same thing about switching from GH (I was using Lucas Formula and just micro & bloom) to Sensi Bloom. I made the switch after getting some Big Bud and B52 samples, those two ROCKED my harvest. So I switched to Sensi.. The difference in the buds is like TOP shelf vs Bottom shelf. Im sold. I'll try conni at somepoint (I got 2 grow rooms)..To push the point on the difference, my GH grows were average, the buds looked like something grown outdoors and recieved minimal interest from the clubs. Switching to Sensi, drove up the harvest weight, and quality. The results, instead of having to go door to door hawking my "product" (ever walk around with a lb in a backpack in a shitty area? Lovely feeling, and yo, I grew up in the hood, but I dont want to get my ticket punched by getting capped over a bag of pot.... shot by a jealous husband is another thing entirely!lol) and having these filthy rich Club Owners lowballing me that was insulting. now these BMW driving jerks (ok, I own one too, but got it 20 years ago! lol) know my name, call me and are begging to be on a scheduled distributions at whatever price I name...People bitch about cost, but you have to put it in perspective. I can grow the average lb with GH cheap. But if I spend $100 more on nute and use Sensi, average lb becomes top shelf and sells for 50% more....Damn, Im rambling! lol
  3. save your hard earned cash man, we did a side by side grow with it and GH basic line. We got better results with the way cheaper gh, everything else was equal but the basic nutes..
  4. the advanced sensi, and others are great, but the connesseur's wasnt worth it, snake oil in my book..
  5. If you don't have it dialed in properly it's pretty common to see comparable results with conni compared to other stuff.

    Once it's dialed in correctly there's no comparison.
  6. is the Connoisseur for both veg and flower or justflower im not really surehere
  7. Iv'e Used Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro,and Bloom for about a year,growing indoors.Although They are a top shelf ,They are very over rated.This year I Switched to Humboldt Nutes and several other products from other companys who offer an equal product at 1/3 to half the price.
    Just because a companys the Tech Consultants for a Weeds doesn't make you the best.
  8. First of all, Blackbeard2012 is being a bit of a douche. I mean, really, answer the dude's question before you go off on your spiel.

    So, getting away from the shill and back to the question...

    Conni is a bloom booster. Here's what the AN site says, so it is a little unclear, but my guess is that you use this for flowering.

SensiBloom was the industry's top-producing two-part base until Connoisseur was invented. Now you can get as much as 43% more yield using Connoisseur.
Connoisseur is the most powerful bloom base ever made. It pushes plants to their maximum genetic potential and beyond. Growers must be very familiar with their plants and with bloom phase growth so they can monitor and adjust their use of this very strong formula.
Connoisseur without bloom boosters performs better than any other two-part formula, even if those formulas are combined with bloom boosters. However, using our proprietary Bigger Yields System, you can get even more valuable harvests by using Connoisseur with Bud Ignitor, Big Bud, Bud Candy and Overdrive, along with the other formulas in our System.
Connoisseur contains four other formulas that we've sold separately. These formulas were upgraded and custom-blended to enhance Connoisseur's effects. What this means is you are getting far more value than what you are paying for.

    Good luck if you choose it...or if you choose somethign else....:)
  9. Yep, Conni is for flowering. Most guys I know use Sensi Grow for veg if they're going to use Conni for flowering.

    Motherhugger is right about it being a bit tougher to use. It's pretty "hot" meaning it's easy to burn your plants if you overfeed even a little. A lot of people who don't know what they're doing use Connoisseur, screw it up a bit, and then declare that it doesn't work as well as it's supposed to. Well of course it's not going to work right if it's not used right.

    But if you know what you're doing and you dial it in right, there's no comparison.
  10. i like to start out with 25 to 50% power...........usually dont go over half for anything
  11. Watch out for the caps/lids on AV products. It has been said that they do not seal correctly from the factory. My Conni part 'A' had some floaties in it and within a few weeks there was big shit growng in it. So just beware and check the product........

  12. ye pg is in nanaimo they are totaly cool huge selection of nutes and sometimes they go on sale 10-20% off plus the 5% discount if you ask
    the outside of the building is going under renos right now so its hard to find them just drive around a few times
  13. looks like canada is going to win their first CUP in forever.............go van
  14. That's not a bad idea. How much you actually end up with at maximum strength depends on a lot of things. Strain, amount of light, CO2, etc can all determine how much your plants eat.

    Of course that's why it's so important to not blindly follow the instructions on the bottles - no company can hope to put one single "correct" dosage on the label. We have to read our plants and make the right adjustments to that dosage ourselves.

    I've heard that but I think it's really uncommon because I've never had a bottle with any problem with it.

    Good thing there's a money-back guarantee.
  15. I am about to start up my bubble buckets for the first time and need to pick nutes. I was planning on going with GH or AN cause they seem to be what everyone is using.

    My hydro shop has basically everything from AN and GN in stock. AN seems to claim that the connoisseur is their best product, but what do you guys like running the bubble buckets? would you use anything else with the connoisseur or any other series?
  16. what kinda water u using?
    as long as u run 50% of the stated recipe and keep ur ph 5.5 for hydro or 6.5 for dirt u should b fine running anything
    maybe start with something cheap and buy small quantities
    the gh3 quarts are cheap
  17. the only water i have currently is tap at like 100 ppm or so... but i could go out and buy distilled

    i know the GH products are cheaper than AN but would buying the 3 part AN or sensi or connoisseur pay of in yeild/quality?
  18. ur water is great........dont buy anything
    SOME people say u need to let tap water sit out for 24 hours to let chlorine evaporate and some say the little bit of chlorime in there helps keep things clean (chlorine may kill some bacteria )
    if u want simplicity get the floranova veg and bloom (1 qt) and its a very nice 1 part (shake like the dickens)
    or get the gh3 with 1 quart of each of those (3 total)
    my advice is to use 50% power of what they put on the bottle
    after adding nutes and mixing for a few minutes u want 5.8 for hydro (i like 5.5) or 6.5 (up to 7) for dirt (coco is 6.0)
    u want to UNDER water seedlings (dry can come back to life overwater is dead)

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