Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur 2-part Fertilizer

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by dagobaker, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. im wondering what these nutes are all about
    anyone try them?
    100$+ for the liter kit (so 2 liters total i think)
    when i get my tax return maybe ill experiment with those and see if they are worth it
  2. Wow $100. I believe its going for $65 for a 1L set here.
  3. grass about a link?
  4. Do you have any idea what your local store sells the 3 GH for? I get it for about 135 CD from Maple Ridge :D
  5. What size? Must be 4L after tax?
  6. Yes its the 4L plus tax! its fucking ridiculous!
  7. What store? If I was to buy it from a store today even with out any discount it should be $125 after tax.

    G - 34.99
    B - 34.99
    M - 47.99
    + one tax
  8. wondering if one brand of nutes grows better than the other
    yield vs taste
    ive been hearing the organics taste the idea
  9. Pacific Northwest
  10. i believe every nute should have a chance
    ph stability
    thats what im looking for
    also cost to produce each ounce
  11. im gonna try it with my first hydro grow...i'll let you know how it goes
  12. sweet
    send me a pm with the link......ill follow
  13. I'll give it a go. I get it for free so why not.
  14. i use the full conni line and will never go back to anything else again unless it can out perform the conni which i think will be hard to do!
  15. Heck yeah man, Conni is the king of 2-part fertilizers.

    I start out with the little brother, Sensi 2-part Grow fertilizer and switch em to the Connoisseur after flipping the lights and then it's off to the races man!

    I don't know why more of the fertilizer companies don't make a premium 2-part like Conni. There's DM's Gold but that's more like a Connie Light than a true premium grade fert. Seems to me like they'd at least want to TRY to compete.
  16. can u give me any ideas about the difference?
    bud aftertaste?
    how about how strong......some say to cut back on your amount of i use 2.9 ec during flowering
  17. I was looking at the ad for this and it seems to indicate that Connoisseur is for hydroponic least there are no references to soil with this particular product.

    Am I reading this wrong? Any dirt growers using this? I'm curious about it. I've been using FoxFarm products for a while now and I've been happy with them but I'm thinking about experimenting with some different nutes.

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