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  1. As i have been doing some research and i have found that for indoor growing its best to mimic natures cycle of life so-to-speak. and you always want to reduce the stress your plants go through. anyways would there be any benefit to slowly changing your light cycle say we start with lights on 24 hours a day. Slowly change so it gets darker 2 min earlier every day tell you either get to 12/12 or tell it starts flowering. Does such dramatic changes in light stress out your plants and potently cost yield? iv just been thinking and sure its been tried or something but its just a thought. any comments welcome
  2. That's an excellent question, I've actually wondered about my self. It makes sense from a stress point of view. I'm starting to get my Hydro Unit back together with my grow scheduled to start by the end of Sept. i think i will experiment with it the last 2 weeks of the veg cycle. Start turning the lights back by a 1/2 hour each day or something.
  3. Depends on the strain surely but I've done both. Switched slowely and just flipped them over. And with my Romulan I haven't noticed any difference or it being stressed out at all... But yea some strains are probably a billion times more sensitive.
  4. i guess all there is to do is experiment with it i'm about to start growing in prob the next week or so ill post a grow journal with my results
  5. best way i think is on 24 for the 1st week 2nd week 23 3rd week 22 ect ect till you get to 12/12
  6. i think some people worry too much about stress on plants. switching a light schedule is nothing. cutting off leaves/branches, no big deal (unless you do to much at one time.) remember, out in nature, there's plenty of things that can cause stress too. i'd just switch to 12/12 and don't worry about it. unless you're really abusing your plants, they'll do/yield just fine.
  7. Hmm.... to be honest, I think you might get a little larger yield but ONLY because the veg cycle would be longer.

    My understanding is the plant, from creation, is geared and ready to begin producing flowers. It is simply waiting on the 'trigger'. If the dark period is not long enough for the proper hormone level, they decrease again and it starts over the next dark period.

    So I believe, based on that understanding, that the plant would not be 'shocked' by a flip to 12/12... nor would it be shocked by the slower method.

    However, 2 clones - 1 flipped the other slowly flipped.... plant 1 will begin flowering quicker than 2, thus 2 would most likely have a little bit more veg growth and may out perform 1...

    ...and yes, I am high... very, very high...
  8. good points all. i understand that stress on a plant is ok because in nature there is stress. i just feel there possibly could be some benefit from slowly changing the light schedule.

    and yes im high haha
  9. [quote name='Klutter']Hmm.... to be honest, I think you might get a little larger yield but ONLY because the veg cycle would be longer.


    Yeah. Youre plant will only flower for a certain amount of time, its how it works. You would eventually have to harvest before potency decreases so youre not gonna get more weight without more aging time. SO, you might as well flip that shit to 12/12 and harvest MOTHER FUCKERRRRR!!!! :D

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