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Discussion in 'General' started by gotsome4me, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. How many people's nights revolve around adult swim and blazing, is it just me? :smoking:


  2. killer bong, killer bud :D

    and yeah, that is how my nights tend to go(when i am smoking that is)
  3. holy shit, im jealous :(
  4. yeah i like to get high and watch "Boondocks" and shit.
  5. I watch Adult Swim every night. Its a ritual for me at this point.
  6. man, The Boondocks is like one of there worst shows, what do they have like 6 episodes? You just see the same ones over and over
  7. Nice bong, i cant tell if thats a Trinity? I've got one, its killer. And yes, i watch adult swim almost every night when im home. Great programing :)
  8. ima remain a soldier till the war is wonnnn! boondocks is hilarious, they do need new episodes tho, that intro song on boondocks is beyond all comprehension tho, its absolutley amazing.... and hell yah, adult swim, bong in hand, chillin bed is where its at... i do it almost nightly... oblongs is pretty fucked up... lol
  9. [AS] is definitely where it's at. Haha it's a ritual.
  10. only aquateen......fucking best show ever.
  11. Number one in the hood, G.

    Naah man I used to watch so much Adult Swim its not even funny. I'm a huge fan of ATHF, boondocks, Full Metal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo and all the other quality shows. Those clever blurbs they have after commercials are hilarious half the time.
  12. nice perc
  13. yea i watch the oblongs, family guy and aqua teen and robot chicken just about every chance i get
  14. i wish they still played Lupin III :(
  15. VERY nice bong..Im jealous
  16. All times and music eastern.

    (indian music)
  17. If only I had cable in my room :[

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