'Adolf' is an awesome name

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  1. It means 'noble wolf'.

    It's a shame Hitler had to be a dick and ruin it forever.

    Is it possible to name a boy Adolf these days without being some sort of backlash?
  2. I think it's odd to say. Adolf.
    Just doesn't roll off my tongue.
    But I can see a day where there are hipsters named Adolf.
  3. its the school system's fault, i think. every other year in history class was about nazis and jews and this whole feeling of telling us how to feel about it all. the weak minded people can't put the past to rest. personally, i think adolf sounds like a pussy, but thats just me.
  4. I know someone who knows an Adolfo in Argentina. I think you'd find no one particularly cares over there... But in many places, you'd have to really love the name to put your kid through that.
  5. You cannot name anything Adolf, not a dog not a cat not a person.. :eek:
  6. I have a younger cousin overseas named Adolf. He lives in Switzerland.
  7. Fuck the world, I'm going to have three sons and name them all Adolf.
  8. I knew a Mexican kid in high school named Adolfo. Kinda the same thing... he embraced it.
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    I think I remember a story regarding this on yahoo news a few weeks ago. Some couple had a son and named him Adolf and now they're having a custody battle for naming him that. it's stupid as f*ck lemme check if it's still there

    edit: nevermind, that was way long ago lol. but here's a link to the updated story, it looks like they're losing all 3 of their kids just for using taboo names. it's still an ignorant parenting move.

  10. why instigate a flame war?
  11. who??

  12. Well the dad was a known white supremacist with nazi tattoos and there was evidence of domestic abuse in the house. They shouldn't be raising children. It's one thing if they did that as a joke to troll the entire world but apparently they were serious.
  13. most ignorant post on GC?

  14. not even close. apparently you havent been here very long.
  15. Noo its a great name. i wish my name was adolf
  16. i vote no.. don't name your kid that. the name is tarnished. there are at least dozens of other names to choose from that mean something cool. adolf reminds too many people of too many bad things.
  17. Alfonse sounds cooler
  18. If your kid is named, say, "Adolf Zimmerman" you might get away with it as post modern irony.
  19. [quote name='"livelaughlearn"']Alfonse sounds cooler[/quote]

    Fma ftw <3

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