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Admitted I'm an addict, (again)!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by leodicapario, Aug 22, 2017.

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    Well folks as a Grower, user and other. I've found myself 4 months or so clean from marijuana (as a supporter of legal marijuana lessened) I'm still in support somehow because I feel it is my duty, But of all or none, could still do without the medications as a bipolar, skitzoaffective, skitzophrenia patient still in psychiatry, I take medications, where i know marijuana has helped me with too. WHata post! I sure miss growing and the busywork and the worry but have also upped my relationship with God as a Christian. I support Full legalization, or full let people put into their bodies what they will. Don't want to make this too long so people actually read it. I sure miss the Bud. Thank you! As a single man too, Can say I'd like to be sober in a relationship. Could say this is one long T break and end up alone with my mary and be happy too I'm just a big mess.
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  2. Reefer Madness and Religion are a bad mix.
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  3. WOuldnt you enjoy to smoke with an angel or god himself even?
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  4. If said angel is female. ;) Himself? Can't god be a woman?
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  5. Get clean man! You stopped bud (which really isn't that hard to stop, but some people somehow can't even stop that, so if you can do this, you can quit ANYTHING if you put your mind to it), so you can quit whatever other addictions you have. I believe in ya man. If it's hard shit, just get over those withdrawals and you'll be golden and never look back.

    That's not to say you'll be done fighting it. Sometimes, some people still have trouble even after being months, even years clean, of wanting to try it again because they miss it. But just like an ex that went wrong, don't fall for it!!! don't go back to it! Sometimes the pleasure it gives you isn't worth the pain it causes after and to everyone else around you, AND your wallet. Your wallet will sincerely thank you, too.
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  6. I use nothing withdrawal worthy blade.
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  7. You should quit. This post is weird
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  8. This how I feel, taking 8 medications.
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    I have been recovering for 4 months as well brother, relapsed a few weeks ago, nothing to worry about.
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  10. You can also see I have "quit" there is a fine line between being able to quit(Edit:not sure where I was going with this Lol) which I have for no reason really at all, actually my parents took all my grow equipment and took my herbs when I ended up in a psychiatric ward due to calling 911 on myself and gettting back on medications, (panic attacks) so its wierd way of quitting too i guess, i'm just praying god guide me where I need to be and for some reason its away from the herb, but has led me back on here posting with you folks I sure love the city, and am feeling sober, but weird too indeed. Just checking in thread type thing, I'm still alive and a person. Lol.
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    I have done so.
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    Also a thread on the topic of marijuana and psychosis caused in men, Sucks I cannot specify would really love to share this is the city.

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