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Adminst or mods got a question?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, May 23, 2003.

  1. all of a sudden i notced i had Adminstrator options at the bottom of the screen does everyone have one of these or does everyone have it? and am i just noticing it
  2. everyones got it but it checks your username before letting u do anything
  3. how do u become a mod
  4. quality of posts and how long you've been around. also all the mods have to vote you in, then SJ makes the final decision.

    usually a mod will recommend ya to the rest of the mods to start the process.
  5. Cottons knows what he is saying!!!!!

  6. Ya forgot the part where they have to wear the dead chicken around their neck until the moon is full.
  7. LMAO @ okie! how could i forget the chicken? my luck... i got it right after the full moon and had to wait almost a month... damn thing really started to smell. no one wanted to come near me :D
  8. so thats what i didnt do..wear the dead chicken...damn me.
  9. I'll wear a dead chicken!!:D Hell, I'll eat the dead chicken raw:D So what do supermods have to do? where 2 dead chickens? a live chicken? that'd be a pain in the ass, damn chicken flapoin around all the time:)
  10. supermods have to wear a live turkey, and carry dead trout underneath their armpits for 3 weeks :D
  11. You mena you get to take off the poultry after a month??

    Thanks a fucking lot guys for telling me!!!
  12. We would have told you BPP but you looked so damn funny!!!!

  13. And natural!

    Some people just look good in anything. Especially dead fowl necklaces.

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