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Adjusting dimmable ballast while on

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by OneDayJD, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. This is a stupid question I'm sure, but this is my first foray into HID lights. I have a new dimmable 400 watt MH/HPS ballast. Right now I have the MH in and am running some test runs in my new tent to get temps dialed in, etc. If I want to adjust the power, like I want to bump it from 25% to 50%, is it ok to do that while it's plugged in and running? Or do I need to unplug it before I adjust that? And will it make a difference doing this with either the MH or the HPS? Thanks for any info, GC peeps.
  2. I've done it with mine on when I first got it so I could visually compare the settings. I'm not sure what the manuals technically may or may not say but I do not think its a problem if done rarely...I wouldn't just be doing it for shits n giggles is what I mean.
  3. Thanks, Hypoxic. That's what I needed to know!
  4. I just turned mine up yesterday from 50 to 75% without turning it off and all is well!
  5. yes you can adjust it without turn it off,i am an engineer in the electronic ballast factory ,we test the dimming options while it's  plugged in and running.so just do it .nothing will go bad
  6. This is good to know but in never going to run mine under 1,000w.
  7. Changing the setting while it's on doesn't hurt anything.

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