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  1. a question for those who know the answer..

    can you add new forums? the board seems to be growing well.. it would be interesting to have some new topic starters. i've got plenty of suggestions (naturally opinionated =P )

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  2. Suggest away. We're always open to suggestion. What cha got on your mind?
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  3. well, i've got more than one suggestion. i'm a fan of variety.

    i would particularly add more forums that are more people oriented. perhaps a lot of the new members would like a place to start posting where they feel a bit more comfortable. maybe not all of them are sure enough to be posting things in forums like Legalization, Spiritual, etc etc.

    soo, i would add forums that spark up personal opinions (this makes for good debates, which i've seen you people speak highly of). forums like, political ones. maybe we have some activists on the board who are actually going to town with marijauna rights? or maybe something a bit more personal. like a forum where members could talk about their style.. (it sounds a bit cheesy, but people care about this more than you might think). they can tell people how they express themselves through their daily appearance (this even works for you men *wink*). well, those are a couple suggestions.

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  4. Phlat,

    could you be more precise, in what categories would these forums would fall and what would be the forum names? The admins and mods can take this to area 51 and we have to make astructure for it, and off course it would be handy if someone would moderate these forums (you?), anyways let's not be too hasty and let's grow steadily it's better to have fewer forums filled well with topics, than a zillion forums with a only a handfull of post in it.

    we'll work something out!


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  5. yeah i didn't want to sound hasty either. but i think these kind of forums would get more people to post. look at how many people are joining the board. at least one a day. and hardly any of them are posrting a lot. (yeah if you're readin this.. COME ON! he hehe!)

    but anyways, those two forum ideas are my favorite.. dunno what i'd name em yet... maybe that could be a collaborative effort.

  6. i was wondering if this idea burned out? or if it is still being considered? just keeping tabs =]

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