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  1. hello people..:wave:

    im in the veg process and ive got the standard a n b formula for veg and flower, my question is, what add on chemicals/nutes r great for veg? and what add on chems/nutes for flower have you pro's found to work...?:confused:

    pk 13 i heard you use for one week only, 3 weeks before you harvests.

    Any other nutes i can use? spray on or ones you add to the water on top of your normal nutes that will help..:confused:

    running a aeroponic setup also Lst them, this Lst is great!!!:hello::D
  2. for veg i would recommend 'bio-bizz alg-a-mix' totally organic and pretty much impossible to burn plants with it

    gives the plants alot of helpful micro-nutrients, and can be used with the veg ferts your already using
  3. For flowering in addition to the a+b i use bloom soon as they show flowers then add pk 13/14 3 weeks from the end.

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